Recent update :

Been so busy these few days ..

Mummy was out of town last weekend to settle her stuffs,
Leaving me, her and zai ge taking care of the shop =.=

Sales had not been good, we were like all slacking like hell .
Hahs, mummy see the sales report comfirm gangbang us the ))=
Hahs .

Well, as usual, got alot of siao hua from her ,
hahs , at least got her to brighten up our day by a lil bit . ^^

Oh ya, yesterday got a robbery/thief case in AMRT !!
Wa lau.. the fellow ran very fast lo. i was like just a few metre away from the person leh!
I should have make him tripped and fall and kick his LJ? hahs
Its all too late to say that ..

Boring.. having sppining headache for the whole day !! ITs so pain!!

Anyway, thanks mummy for your presents!! I love it alot ^^

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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