Hey peeps,

Have been busy recently on work.


Been workig non stop recently.

Cause mummy they all went holiday.


Aftermath, went Di Di siao siao at mummy's new house.


i love the colour of the new home's wall!

Its so chio the lo..

i want toooo!!!! :DDDDDDDD

Oh ya,

I've been contactedby one of the person who is "from" Eleganz modelling,

whom he wanted to engage me for modelling service . :DD

Then, i agreed to have an interview with him,

( people, key point is below, be careful yeah )

Which is out of company's area.

Then, okay lo, i agreed to have an short interview with him,

As its near to my workplace,

So .....




Upon reaching there,

i WAITED for him,

then he came, Blah blah blah,

he say he would ask his HR department to send me the letter blah blah blah,

aftermath, he said he wanted to bring me for some photoshoot straight away,

at first, he said that he would try out some clothes at the shopping centre nearby,

but slowly,

he told me he's gonna drive me to bugis area for clothes,

i was like, WTF?

told him that i cant go so far dued to time constrait,

he rejected what i've said, ended up ,

he asked me a very "good" question that spoil his plot.

He said : " here got any country club/HOTEL/golf club/ go my house? "

I was stunned, hence i reply him no,

he then pushed me to the car, wanting to drive me out of the place!

Siiao, i'm not that stupid,

If you were a real modelling company,

why would you so rushed for that photoshoot?

Oh ya, he told me cause he got no time, and wanted to close the case asap.


I'm not that fool, so i gave him some lame excuse,

and get out of his car asap.

Meet MR Gerard,

who is looking out for me all the way,

Called Eleganz Modelling to check his background,

And we both were right,


And, he still got the cheek to ask me to meet him again!!


Emailed Eleganz about this and they are taking appropriate ways to settle this matter.

That fellow, msg me the following day, saying that there is some misunderstanding?

Lol. i wont entertain you again, just let the POLICE/ LAWYER sued you ba!

He think that i am so easy to be cheated?

He thinks that i have not been into this line before?

Wait for his doom day man!



becareful when you are contacted by this type of people.

You might not be as lucky as i am.

* ps : that fellow has deleted all his account . Pro him! *

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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