[ ADVERTORIAL REVIEW] Yufit - V-Line Hot Face Shaper Bra


Having double chin/ flabby on face? Trying so hard to slim your face, especially on the chin area? Today, I am going to introduce you this perfect solution which is wallet friendly too!

I was glad that Secretive sent me one of their hot-selling product - Yufit V-Line Face Shaper Bra for review because they notice that I have not been having ample sleep recently, thus, casing flabby face. T.T 

A little background story on Yufit V-Line face shaper bra :

- Weight gain, aging, stress and environmental conditions are some of the causes wrinkled, dull and shagging skin. Thus, increasing of fats cells, decreasing of skin resilience, decreasing of collagen component, falling in collagen cell coherence, therefore, layer of skin went downwards, an the shape of the face would also fade away. Therefore, constant care for chin and neck is required!

Plastic surgery and Botox are expensive and risky. Thus, Yufit invented this mask to help lifts up the skin, circulates regular blood flow and to prevent fats from forming on your face again.

As below are some of the reviews by various people and also, from celebrities!
Click on the picture if you can't see clearly here.

After reading so many positive Reviews from them, how can I resist using it?!

So now I am going to give my review on the mask.

Upon tearing up the packet, you could see that the entire bra is soaked with sufficient amount of essence!

Next, as you can see from the picture that there is some loops at the side of the mask, this is for you to hang the bra onto your ears, so that the bra can be fix in a position, and accurately slim the area down.

So this is how it should look like when you apply the bra.

Surprisingly, the face bra starts to heat up about 5 minutes after you applied the bra onto your face and the whole heating section lasted till the end. ( Application Time : 30-40minutes )

Seriously, I don't know what is the magical ingredient in there but I can say, the heat is bearable. The level of tolerance is quite high, is like, applying some red hot chili onto your face. 

After 40 minutes of heating session, let's see the results now :

Note : Before (left), After (right). Do take note that all this pictures has not been adjusted in anyways except brightening the pictures. What you see here is the most truthful results.

I am sorry for brightening so much! My make up went hay-wired after a whole day of work, hence i beautify the picture!

My verdicts :

Although that the Shaper Bra tends to make my face feels hot, but the result is visible. I couldn't say that it is Very visible, but for my case, it is. It depends on individual though. Some will have VERY visible result, some minor, and even some, they don't. But my personal suggestion to all is that, you might want to invest this bra as a long term treatment, because I am pretty sure that you will get the shape that you wanted in the long run. Do not ever give up using this product after seeing no much results after the first try. 

The price is reasonable and affordable compare to having plastic surgery and botox and any other methods to slim down your chin/face. I will be investing this product after this review, as it is really useful to me. :D

For those that is interested in purchasing this item,  you may get it the following places :
- John Little Departmental Stores ( Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura ),
- BHG Bishan Junction 8
- Hereen (ALT)

* It is retailing at SGD$35.00 for a box of 7 pieces.   

Try it today! :)
♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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