[Advertorial Review] Bio-Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB cream

Many of us could have known that BB creams plays an important part in the make up regime. Many of us are aware of the numbers of BB cream brands found in the market. But, which BB creams is the best for your skin? Which BB creams is the most suitable type of your skin? And what is BB cream? Do we really know the answer? Or are we just following blindly 'cause the make up gurus said so?

What is BB Cream?
  •  BB creams (Blemish Balm Cream) was originated from Germany and was initially prescribed by dermatologists to patients who had undergone laser skin treatments to soothe redness and cater their sensitive skin. The trend of using BB creams caught on in Korea when celebrities started using them to create a natural and dewy finish. The use of this multi-purpose wonder-cream is a sizzling-hot beauty trend, particularly in Asia, and has helped many girls streamline their beauty regime.

BB Cream – A Multi-Efficacy Wonder Cream!

Whitening, Sunscreen, Repair & Make up in 1 Step!

Opinions are varied over whether BB Cream is a skincare product or a makeup item. Actually it is both a skincare and makeup product. BB Creams have multiple skincare benefits which include whitening, sun protection, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing while providing coverage for the skin. It gives a natural and flawless finish, similar to how Korean celebrities look. With its multiple functionality and convenience, women can now cut down on her makeup application time without compromising on looking good. It only takes 1 product and a mere 10 minutes to put on moisturizer, sun screen and foundation all at once. Grooming gets much easier with the use of BB Creams.

I was glad that Bio-Essence send me a series of their Best selling BB creams for me to try and review on. And I would say, they are really generous and observance towards us...
The Press Kit that was sent from them to me! See how nice they are to us.. :))
There are a total of 3 lovely BB creams for me to try on. But I will separate them into 2 different posts, so that my readers won't get too bored and confused by the different types of BB creams that they had sponsored us! Haha! So in this post, I would be revealing and reviewing Bio-Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB cream first.

From Left to right: Bio Multi-Effect BB, Bio Platinum BB and Aqua BB cream

Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream (Best for Hydration)

Product Efficacies:

-Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture; perfect for preventing dryness in air-conditioned or cold environments.

-With Tanaka extract to reveal a cool, natural and sheer makeup with a silky and dewy soft feel
Nourishes skin with Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence to help repair damaged skin cells.

-Regulates oil secretion, keeps the skin oil-free the whole day.

-Evens out skin tone with a sheer, natural coverage.

-Reveals a cool, natural and translucent makeup with a silky and dewy soft feel

Retail Selling Price: $28 (net weight of 30g)

Who should use this Aqua BB Cream?
- It is strongly recommended to people whom needs hydration on the top of their beauty priority list!

By applying a little of this Bio-Essence Aqua BB cream on your skin, you will feel that water is instantly appearing from the formulation!

The lightweight and smooth texture coupled with strong oil control and moisturizing properties, creates a natural flawless and lasting finish that does not require any touching up or blotting throughout the day.

Most importantly, it blends perfectly into the skin without looking too made up. The perfect choice to achieve a nude dewy complexion-- Aqua-refreshing, Sheer Makeup All Day!

Benefits of Active Ingredients:

Tanaka Bark Extract:
Contains intense hydrating, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties to moisturize the skin and help prevent pimples. It has been used to maintain skin fairness and locks in moisture under the hot climate and blocking out external pollutants at the same time.

Hyaluronic Acid:
This is a highly acclaimed active ingredient for intensive hydration. Composed of alternating molecules of N-acetyl glucosamine and D-glucuronic acid, it helps to hold water within our body, keeping it hydrated and youthful. In fact, each molecule can hold up to 500-1000 times its molecular weight of water, thus locking in hydration to deeply moisturize skin.

Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence:
Rich in proteins, Amino Acids and trace mineral elements, which are essential nutrients required for skin cell growth. It also has healing properties of Amino Acids to help repair damaged skin cells.

My Opinion:
- I love the way the BB cream stay on my face, without feeling sticky. Its lightweight, and my skin do feels slight hydrating and my make up is easier to blend with the skin! But the only thing that I do not really like is that it did not really conceal my flaws that well. :<

Next on the list, we have......

Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++
(Best for Coverage)

What is so special about this Bio Multi-Effect BB cream?
  • Smooth velvety texture to provide a natural & flawless finishing
  • Refines pores & whitens skin
  • Provides long lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness & regulates oil secretion
  • Nourishes skin with essential nutrients & mineral elements to revitalize skin
  • Improves skin texture for smoother, softer, refined & fairer skin
  • Protects skin from harmful UV rays with SPF25/PA++
** Did I mention that it has the best coverage out of the 3 BB creams I had received? :)


At the final step of your skincare regime, squeeze an adequate amount of content and apply evenly on your face. Lightly pat to avoid uneven patches. 

Retail Selling Price: $28 (net weight 30g)

Bio-Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB cream was the Editor's Pick in a Fashion and Beauty Magazine in Hong Kong :

**In a survey done by HK Fashion and Beauty Magazine among 6 other competitive BB Creams, the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream came up tops in terms of being the BB Cream that adheres most closely to the skin for flawless coverage.**
Click On the image to see more details
A Clearer version of the extract of the article.

See this orange? I'm gonna to test this multi-effect BB cream on it!

As all of us should be aware that orange skin always have this pockmarks on them, so let's see if this BB cream really shows magic to make the pockmarks disappear!
The "pock-mark" orange before its transform

A closeup view of the uneven surface of the orange!

I applied some Bio Multi-Effect BB cream on the orange and was rather surprised by its outcome! Why? See below.
Okay, I only used a small water droplet size of BB cream to achieve this effect.

A slight closeup view of the orange. Can you see that the pockmarks are less obvious now?

Okay, a full close up of it. Surprised by the result? Seriously, I am!
I love the way it really conceals my flaws perfectly. I just need to use a pea size to cover my blemishes  and scars. I only use lesser amount of concealer than normal in this case. But, my skin tends to become oily after few hours.Haha!

Oh ya, just to share with you that, in order to achieve the above effect, all you need to do is just to pat the BB cream on your face, instead of spreading it. Try it and see the difference! :)

I will be posting Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream in the upcoming post. So stay tune! :)

♥Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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