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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Good news ladies! The #1 Dermatological skincare brand in Singapore, Cetaphil, has just recently launched its latest campaign, a campaign that gives the women the opportunity to improve their skin confidence and win INSTANT Prizes!

Yes, INSTANT PRIZES to be won just by joining the campaign! Interested to find out how to win? Read on!

What Is The Cetaphil Experience?

photo 3

The Cetaphil Experience is a social media campaign that lets women to express what skin confidence means to them.

You know, confidence and skin are related all together, so if you feel good about your skin, you will feel confident and vice versa.

Hence, through this campaign, Cetaphil is seeking to empower women from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and not forgetting Philippines with the new-found self-esteem and confidence with healthy skin!

Contest Details and Prizes:

To enter for the campaign, click on the link HERE and fill in the necessary details. Here is what the form looks like:


Upon submitting, you will be instantly rewarded with prizes ranging from vouchers to the Cetaphil Hamper (worth more than S$100!).

Also, 1 lucky winner from Singapore will also join other winners from the participating countries at a 3D/2N Skincare Retreat in San Benito, Philippines that is worth over $5000!

This workshop is exclusively held and conducted by Dermotologists and experts whereby they will give valuable insights, tips, and the wisdom to change their lives, not just physically, but emotionally as well!

So together with other winners and beauty bloggers, they will be sharing stories of their own journey to skin confidence! Feel and be motivated by their stories!

So what are you waiting for? Hover over to HERE and join the campaign now! I am joining this campaign too and best of luck to all of us joining to win the GRAND PRIZE!

'Cause you are beautiful just the way you are. :)



Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

OPPO Flagship Store now in Singapore!

Good news to fans of OPPO! Global smartphone manufacturer, OPPO is proud to announce the grand opening of its first ever flagship store in Singapore. 

Located in the heart of the city at Suntec City Mall, the retail store stretches up to 2,200 square feet.

  Storefront (1)_OPPO Concept Store

Consumers can expect to test drive a wide range of smartphones together with other OPPO audio products. 

Yes, this concept store will offer more than just a showcase of products. It will organise bi-monthly workshops for its fans - Ofans, to meet with the OPPO team, learn more about OPPO smartphones and much more.
    Interior_OPPO Concept Store

The OPPO flagship store is located at 8 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, #01-627, Singapore 038983. 

It opens from 10am to 10pm daily. For more information, please refer to the fact sheet and visit the OPPO Singapore website: www.oppomobile.com.sg or the OPPO Singapore Facebook page: www.facebook.com/opposingapore

Storefront (2)_OPPO Concept Store Written by Michelle 황현이 © All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Oppo N1 Mini

Be it the notorious duckface, kawaii peace sign or the ever suggestive close-up, the selfie has undeniably made its mark in modern culture – especially with women.

To the dismay of many who struggle to rationalize with this digital phenomenon, Oxford Dictionary declared ‘selfie’ as the 2013 word of the year.

If you happen to be one of the many, here are three sound reasons why you should begin to embrace the selfie in the Lion City.

1. That Fleeting Moment!

Every day, we primp and preen before the mirror prior to stepping out and face the inevitable – It may always be sunny in Singapore, but let’s face it – We look our best before the humidity attacks.

So before the make-up oxidizes and the hair starts to frizz, there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and having the rest of the world witness that!

Selfies can be used to document the things you love to do at that point in time, and of course the times when you feel you look good.

Or just use it as an excuse to showcase your styling or make-up talent, whichever reason for that selfie, it’s all good!

2. Getting To Know Yourself Better

How much have you changed in a year? Should you go back to blonde hair? Are you freaking out over a new mole that you thought was never there? 

With the busy pace in Singapore, we sometimes forget to pause and focus on ourselves and the changes in our lives.

With selfies, you can take as many pictures as you wish, explore multiple angles and lighting environments. 

Flip through your selfies once in awhile and either grimace at the fashion faux-pas you made, or contemplate re-dying that hair colour that once got you that record-high number of likes.

3. Every Moment is One to Remember

Change is constant in our Nation’s march for progress, and as cliché as it sounds, time waits for no one. 

Seize the day whenever you can to capture that historic landmark or occurrence as your backdrop to your selfie – Whether it’s hail or haze, it’s a good conversation starter.

Smartphones have allowed the convenience of having a photo diary with us wherever we go.

Realising the potential of selfies, OPPO’s weapon of choice is the N1 Mini, the best selfie smartphone which boasts an impressive 13-megapixel camera which rotates 195° for extra clear selfies!

The nifty smartphone, which comes in two feminine colours - White and Cool Mint Blue, also packs a punch with Pure Image 2.0 – a photography enhancement solution for 24MP images and Super Zoom capability, to take your selfie to the next level!

Cool Mint Blue:


Retail Selling Price and Authorized Dealers: 

The OPPO N1 Mini is retailing at SGD549 and available at all authorized OPPO retailers, including Singtel and M1 shops.

  **PS: Here's a short video commercial that I thought of sharing with you! 

Written by Michelle 황현이 © All Rights Reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Before I start, let me show you something that really brighten up my day! Can you all guess what this is?

Sweet? Present? Muffin? Chocolates? Okay, lets have a closer look, shall we? :)

하하하하!! Its actually a brand new packaging concept that Sample Store is using now! I bet it can definitely brighten up your day/night with such an eye-catching wrapper!

So thoughtful of them to send me this little surprise! Thank you Sample Store Team once again! 감사합니다!
Okay, back to the topic, I know that I have been featuring Hada Labo's products for quite a number of times! You can find all the previous posts HERE, HERE, HERE, and many more HERE!

Actually what you have seen above are just part of my Hada Labo collection! I actually still have lots more that I have yet to featured. :P

I remembered that my very first bottle of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion was about 2/3 years ago, and ever since then, I have been using their house of products continuously, especially their various series of hydrating lotion. :)

So today, I thought of sharing with you all another proud product of Hada Labo's -- Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion!


Question: How is it different from Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion?

Answer: Their difference lies in their texture, where the hydrating light lotion is a lighter formula that is specially catered to oily and combination skin. They still serve the same purpose.

My Review:

One of the reason why it still remains as one of my favorite hydrating lotion after so long, is simply because it is really effective! The result is instant! It does not irritate sensitive skin type (as least for me). 

It stays hydrated on my skin for hours, and is especially good if you are exposed to air-conditioned room frequently. FYI, I am already on my 3rd/4th Hada Labo hydrating lotion already! 

Here's a little photo review that I did to show you how effective the product is!

The BEFORE: (Hydrating/moisture level before applying the lotion on my hand)

After 2-3 drops of the lotion:

The AFTER: (Hydrating/moisture level of my skin after applying)

Did you all notice the HUGE difference? 

Yes, that's how hydrating and moisturizing they are! No wonder that have millions of fans raving about how fantastic the product is! :)


Ever since the last feature of my DIY whitening mask post, I have been receiving quite some feedback and requests from my readers that it actually works and hope to see more of the DIY section! So, I will be sharing another one today! :)

No time for mask, or maybe you are looking for a quick/instant hydration? Let me share with you another method that I always use in case of emergency!

All you need is just some cotton pad, Hada Labo Lotion and a bowl. The steps are just so easy! 

There are 2 ways to do so. Here's one:
  1. In a clean bowl, pour some Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion.
  2. Place a few piece of cotton pads in the bowl, and make sure it is fully soaked up.
  3. Peel the cotton pad to a few layers, the thinner the better.
  4. Apply on your face and take it off after 5 minutes.
  5. Combine all the cotton pad together and lightly pat them on your skin to maximize the effect.

Second method (Fuss-free method):

  1. Pour the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion on a piece of cotton pad, making sure it is soaked.
  2. Peel the cotton pad into thin layers, and apply on the face.
  3. Take it off after 5 minutes, combining the cotton pad together again, lightly pad the remains from the cotton pad to your skin.
Trust me! After all this, your skin will INSTANTLY feels so much hydrated!

Retail Selling Price:

It is retailing at the price of SGD22.90 and is available at all Watsons, Guardians, selected pharmacies and supermarkets.

Fancy for some FREE SAMPLE?

You can now redeem your free sample of the Hada Labo Lotion at The Sample Store! Click HERE to redeem! While stock last!

You can also get your free sample on Hada Labo's Singapore Facebook Fan Page! HERE you go!  

Written by Michelle 황현이 © All Rights Reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vichy Normaderm Range

Ever heard of Vichy? Vichy is a premium brand of skincare, body care, make up and anti-aging products. Vichy is best known for its thermal spa water, and many called them the miracle water!

About the Miracle water:

It contains 15 minerals and constitutes a natural active ingredient in itself. Some of its minerals play a key role in skin metabolism:

+ Protecting skin’s tissue: Calcium
+ Cell oxygenation: Iron
+ Antioxidant action: Manganese
+ Skin hydration: Potassium
+ Regenerating skin tissue: Silicon
+ Cell regeneration: Magnesium
+ Healing: Copper and Manganese
+ Anti-inflammatory action: Copper
In other words, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is suitable, and work wonders for all skin types, whether sensitive or reactive. Its irreproachable quality is rigorously checked daily to guarantee optimal tolerance and efficacy! 

3 Main Properties of the Thermal Spa Water:


It reduces irritation (dryness, erythema, scaling), inflammation (vasodilation and redness) and sensation of discomfort from various dermatological pathologies such as acne or contact eczema. 

It soothes intolerant and sensitive skin. Its buffer properties help correct the acid-base imbalance than can be created on the skin by pollution, for instance. 

It also rebalances skin when aggressed by harsh cleansing.


It increases by more than 20% the catalase activity, an enzyme which plays an essential role in the skin’s natural defences. 

It thus helps reinforce skin’s antioxidant defenses, protecting it against ageing and the harmful sun effects linked to free radicals. 

It fortifies the stratum corneum, enriching it with calcium, magnesium and sodium.


It stimulates cell metabolism by increasing cellular oxygen consumption by 77%. It acts on epidermal repair and remodelling mechanisms.

Enough of saying the endless benefits of Vichy Thermal Spa Water! Remember that in my earlier post, I posted an article about some of the myths about skin and skincare? (HERE!

Today, I am going to share with you a series of products that is really great for acne-prone skin, even to the most sensitive skin! I am raving it so much because I am of the above condition, and many times, if I used the wrong products, my skin will have adverse effects instantly! 

ㅠㅠ The miracle products is all packed in this nice, classy box!

Yes, you are right! They are from Vichy Laboratories! Vichy Vichy!!!

Its the Vichy Normaderm series!

About Normaderm Series:


Before I go on further, just a question to ask! Do you know what causes pimple?

We subconsciously touch our faces dozens of times everyday, and even more when a small pimple hurts, without realizing it! In making these insignificant gestures, we are adding to a bacteria over-contamination leading to the formation of pimples.

The bacteria carried on the fingers are transferred onto an already weakened skin; they enjoyed it, multiply and prevent the pimple from disappearing rapidly! And in just a few hours, the pimple will become redder, bigger and more painful, turning it into a real nightmare!

Now back to Normaderm range. Vichy's Normaderm range is formulated to treat imperfections, even on sensitive skin. 

All Vichy products contain Vichy Thermal Spa Water which soothes intolerant and sensitive skin, protects the skin against aging and free radicals from the sun, and regenerates skin cells by stimulating cell metabolism and epidermal repair.



- Cleanses sebum and impurities, without over drying.
- Ultra-fresh gel and creamy foam texture.


Though it is gel-like, but the foam actually lathers really easily. The smell of the cleansing gel is really nice, maybe more like a mild tangerine smell if i did smell correctly! ㅋㅋㅋ!

After using the cleansing gel, I realize that it really cleans my skin thoroughly, without feeling over-drying and tightness, it is really pleasant to touch too, and it (the skin) is smooth to the touch too!


S$29 for a bottle of 200ml



- Tightens pores and refines skin texture.
- Refreshing texture. Dry finish.


The lotion makes my face really refreshing! It did removes every traces of my makeup residues too. It is non-sticky, and it dries quite fast. 

After using for a week to two now, I think my pores did shrinks a little.(Or maybe is it me only?) I guess results will be more obvious probably after using it more frequently. 

But the instant results is that the pores are slightly tighten and skin feels more refine.


S$32 for a bottle of 200ml

Treat and Target!


Let me tell you! This is the STAR Product of the range!!

The #1 selling oil control moisturizer within the derma skin care category!


Patented technology: dermatological peeling active ingredients in an anti-imperfection treatment for all-round transformation of imperfection-prone skin.

Reduces all imperfections, redness, shiny skin, uneven complexion and acne scarring, and provides continuous hydration for 24 hours.

Unique combination of 3 peeling active ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Glycolic acid and LHA. These acids penetrate the skin at different levels* to impregnate the entire epidermis and regenerate the skin, layer after layer**.

In just 7 days, imperfections are reduced and your skin is visibly healthier.

*In vitro test. **Upper layers of the epidermis.

Hydration: When dehydrated, skin cannot regenerate properly and the dead skin cells accumulation on its surface creates imperfections.

Mattification: Any sebum excess can be oxidized by UV rays, creating imitations at the source of even more imperfections. Cosmetic progress in the fight against imperfections.


How can I not love this star product! In fact, I'm addicted to it. It is so lightweight that I can barely feel anything on my face, yet, it does helps to matt my face keeping it shine free while it stays hydrated inside! 

It is easily absorbs into the skin, without leaving any sticky residue/feel.


S$39 for 50ml.




Hyaluronic acid forms an invisibles film in surface to isolate the pimple from bacterial over-contamination.

Deeply, LHA and salicylic acid, dermatological active ingredients treat the pimple.

In 2 hours, 99% of bacteria responsible for pimples are eliminated. In 48 hours the pimple disappear without leaving scars.


I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH THIS HYALUSPOT! It really makes my pimples/acne/blemish disappear within 48 hours! I simply could not believe my eyes! 

The cold applicator makes the swelling pimples/acne/blemish less aggravate, calms down the infected skin while the gel/essence works on the pimple/acne/blemish.

To be honest, within 5 minutes upon applying the hyaluspot, the pimple is instantly losing the battle as the gel is really really really powerful. It makes the area leaving with tingling sensation, but it is bearable though!

I personally think that everyone should invest a stick of the Hyaluspot in case of emergencies! You know you do not want the annoying pimple/acne/blemish to spoil your big day/date/gathering/outing!

*PS: the cold applicator is so cold and soothing to the skin! I can still keep the applicator for future usage once it is finished! LOL


S$29.90 for 15ml.

Retail Outlets:

You can get all the Vichy products at all Watsons, guardians, and selected pharmacies!

Remember, you can have your ideal skin with the right products! :) Vichy is a brand that I personally would wish everyone to have a try on! Even to the most sensitive skin!

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The common skincare myths!

What are some of the skincare myths that you have ever heard of? Let me share with you some skincare myths regarding acne-prone and oily skin! Are you ready?!

Myth 1:

Oily skin is horrible because it causes breakouts and shine!


FALSE! For decades, the oily skin type has been wronged as the cause of nasty breakouts and glaring scars. 

The TRUTH is that if you have oily skin, your skin has the potential to look more youthful and supple than other skin types, as long as it receives the right kind of care.

This is because oils are essential in helping to protect and nourish our skin, giving it a smooth radiant glow! 

Shine on the face is a result of excess oil that has been produced onto the skin's surface. 

When that happens, pores are more likely to become clogged and inflamed, causing a breakout.

However, contrary to popular belief, it is not true that oily skin types are fated to producing excess oil! 

In fact, excess oil production mostly occurs when the skin is dehydrated - Lacking Moisture.


Oily skin types should be treated with a good moisturizer that hydrates the skin, regulates its oil production, and also treats imperfections.

Myth 2:

Some people just have eternally bad skin that gets worse with products on!


FALSE! There are many reasons for "bad skin", or skin that isn't ideal. 

For example, blemished skin may be a product of genes, diet, harsh environmental conditions, etc. Whatever these reasons are, skin conditions can usually be treated in one way or another. 

However, if your skin tends to react and worsen when treated, you most probably have sensitive skin and not "bad" skin.

Even though sensitive skin is often referred to as a skin type. It is actually a condition that can exist with any of the normal, oily, combination or dry skin types. 

This is important to note because many individuals with sensitive skin give up entirely on using skin care products, only for their skin to remain untreated and unprotected from other external agents such as the environment.


Here are some skincare tips for blemish-prone, sensitive skin types:
  • Avoid exposure to harsh environments such as the sun or strong winds.
  • Consult a dermatologist on whether you have allergies to ingredients often used in skincare products.
  • Use only products which are dermatologically certified as suitable for sensitive skin.

Myth 3:

Pimple cream is sufficient for blemish-prone skin.


FALSE! An effective spot treatment is certainly helpful in com-batting the blemishes. 

However, while a spot treatment can treat a spot, it is not formulated to treat the cause of the spot, such as excess sebum production.

As the saying goes, "prevention is better than the cure". Hence, a comprehensive skincare regime is required to effectively cleanse and rebalance the skin. 

Over time, oil production is regulated, and blemishes occur less often.


A basic skincare regime for blemish-prone skin should include cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and a targeted spot treatment.

Myth 4:

I need to pop my pimple to release the toxins inside.


FALSE! While squeezing or popping a pimple might seem like the most immediate option, you should never try to do it unless you have been trained in proper extraction, lest you worsen the condition of the pimple.

When a pimple is incorrectly squeezed, the infected material can be pushed deeper into the skin, intensifying the inflammation; this is also the beginning of many hard nodules/cysts. 

That's not all! Pimples aren't just made of toxins - they are full of bacterial! 

When a pimple is popped, the pores open, releasing bacteria out, and spreading it to other areas of the face. 

These open pores are also now more susceptible to external bacteria in the air. How do you deal with a pimple then? 

The best solution is to apply a spot treatment that can help to treat the pimple, and then allow your face to drain it off naturally. 

If a pimple happens to pop accidentally,  gently cleanse your face with an anti-imperfection cleanser, pat it dry with a clean piece of tissue, ad then apply the spot treatment.


Blemish prone skin should always be conditioned with a strict skincare routine. 

At the very least, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing religiously will help your face to regulate its oil production by keeping it clean, well-balanced and hydrated. 

Remember, good skin cannot be magically attained in a day or two. 

With patience and discipline, your face will break out less frequently and blemish scars will begin to fade.

Myth 5:

Toothpaste cures my zit.


TRUE & FALSE! Conventional toothpaste contains fluoride, alcohol, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc which are ingredients that can dry out a pimple. 

However, because toothpaste is formulated for the teeth, the proportions of these drying agents are often too harsh for the skin. 

As a result, when toothpaste is used on a pimple, the surface of the skin is also stripped of its moisture, and irritated; this is why many who have experimented with toothpaste on their pimples reported itching, peeling, redness, and even burns after! 

In some cases, certain toothpastes can even aggravate the condition by encouraging the growth of acne.


While toothpaste might seem like an excellent and budget friendly quick fix for pimples, our advice is to stay off it for your skin's long term good. 

Instead, invest in a treatment which contains Salicylic Acid that stops inflammation, and heals the skin to prevent scarring.

Myth 6:

Eating junk food causes my face to breakout!


FALSE! There is no scientific evidence yet to proof that "junk foods" (eg. Chocolates and potato chips) alone can cause outbreaks!

However, it is true that a poor diet full of such foods leads to poor health, which is susceptible to the various causes of outbreaks. 

Oily foods also cause the skin to produce more sebum, which feed into clogged pores and pimples.

Eating in moderation and satisfying that inner junkie once in a while shouldn't do harm to the skin. 

Just make sure to drink sufficient amounts of water, and stick to a basic skincare regime in order to regulate your skin's oil production.


If your skin is susceptible to outbreaks, ensure that you stick to a basic skincare routine. 

At the very least, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing religiously will help your face regulate its oils production by keeping it clean, well-balanced, and hydrated. 

Remember, good skin cannot be magically attained in a day or two. 

With patience ans discipline, your face will break out less frequently and blemish scars will begin to fade.

Myth 7:

My face is dull because it has become too reliant on makeup!


FALSE! Healthy skin naturally glows - Even if one applies makeup on daily! 

If your face loos dull and lacking color when it is bare, this is most likely due to an insufficient cleansing routine that has led to a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface.


Here are some tips that might help!
  • Always remove your makeup before you go to bed. The night is a time for your cells to repair; it is not a time for your pores to interact with the environment pollutants that were accumulated in the day. Long term accumulation generates harmful free radicals that age the skin and break down its natural ability to rejuvenate.
  • Don't skip the toner. This steps removes any remaining traces of makeup, and preps your face to better receive skincare products.
  • Exfoliating your face or applying a purifying mask 1-2 times a week should help to remove the dead skin cells and unclog pores.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water. Diet is the number one contributor to your skin's health, and no skin care products can ever replace the effectiveness of a healthy diet.

Myth 8:

 Toner is just a useless marketing gimmick! 


FALSE! Of the three steps in a basic skincare regime (cleanse, tone, moisturize), toning is the most often skipped due to a lack of understanding on what it can do for the skin! 

Think of the toner as a behind-the-scenes worker; Even though its effects may not be felt as instantly as cleansing and moisturizing, the toner is likened to a stage manager who helps to prepare the platform for its comrades to perform. 

It does this by balancing and refining the skin - a benefit especially needed for oily and imperfection prone skin types.  

I will be introducing some of the products that I have recently tried and is targeted and specially for acne-prone skin, even to the most sensitive skin on my next post/next 2 post! Stay tune! :) 

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eyes on me, baby! *Winks*

I can't help but to start the post with......

Get your EYES ON ME Baby! I am having SMOOTH and SUPPLE skin that can't make you to stop kissing me 'cause you just simply cannot resist KISSABLE COMPLEXION! 

So why am I saying this? It is jolly well because..... Because.....

I am pampering my skin with the new product range from SexyLook and LoveMore! Let me start with SexyLook new range of mask!

SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask - Organic Aloe Power Soothing

SexyLook 4D is set for effortless skin pampering with innovative mask design doubled with the finest ingredients. The double lifting mask is now more elastic, soaked with 30ml of NCHA infused essence to maximize your facial care power.

The Special:

What is NCHA?

Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask

My Review:

Let me tell you, when I first tear open the mask, I was really impressed with the generous amount of essence. The whole cotton mask sheet was soaked with the essence and there were so much essence left for later use.

The cotton mask adheres to my face almost perfectly. (The mask above was re-adjusted for photo-taking, hence it is not as per fitting as it is anymore. )

Somehow, I felt that this 4D mask is better than the previous ranges. It is so much fitter and the absorbency is quite well too. It does not dries up easily.

As what you see in the photo above is after I I max stretch the mask for few times. Notice how strong and firm the cotton mask is? :)

Anyway, it is so moisturizing that I can really feel my skin really hydrated and soft to the touch, even after a night! Those blemishes, especially the "fresh" ones, slightly shrink and less irritated after the mask too.

Retail Selling Price:

Sexylook Oragnic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask is selling at S$15.90 for a box of 5 pieces.

Next, lets move on to LoveMore new range!

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch Mask


Eyes are the window to our soul! It is essential to take extra care of the eye contour as it is also the most delicate area of our skin. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and become thinner due to breakdown of collagen.

Prolonged exposure to air-conditioning and sun dries out skin causes fine lines and crowfeets around the delicate eye contour.

The Highlight:


Formulated with the super hydrating snail mucin and aloe vera extract to reduce the sign of fine lines.


This is the first time I came across such a lovely eye mask! Want to know why?


Because it is in a shape of a butterfly! Cute and special isn't it?! It is really lightweight and it contours to my delicate eyes area perfectly!

It is designed in a way that the mask is able to reach those places that some full mask can't target on, in this case, would be my nose bridge area. It just adhered to my eyes area so perfectly.

Soon after I had my eye mask on, I can feel that it is really working. I can feel a slight tightening motion on my eyes area, and I usually suffered from slight eye bags problem, but after 15 mins, my eyes feels less puffy and super hydrated!

As I always either stay in the Air-conditioned room and stares at the computer screen, my eyes are more or less quite straining and thank god for this, it just feels so much better! 

Did I mentioned that it does helps to shrink my pores near the nose area there? Hehehe!

Retail Selling Price:

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch Mask is retailing at the price of S$11.90 for a box of 5.

*PS: Trust me, it is a very very very good eye investment! I am so going to stock up more for this!
All the products mentioned above are available at Secretive.sg!

Have you tried them yet? If you did, what are your opinions? And for those who have yet to try, which mask is in your wanted list?

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.