Magiclean Fabric Freshener

I had a soft spot for anything plushy and soft, and over the years my collection of plush toys increases and so I began having a love hate relationship with them.

As much as I love collecting and cuddling with them, the amount of dirts, dust and bacteria deposited on the plush also increases as time passes by. I would usually spend some time to spring cleaning them, some of them to the washing machine, some using vacuum to remove surface particles.

Cleaning plush toys are relatively easy and simple, but how about those hard to wash items such as mattress and comforter that we spend most of our time on, and in contact with our skin the most? How often can we clean them? How often do we sun them? Mattress especially are quite heavy and bulky and its rather troublesome to move them around, No?

The team at Magiclean kindly handed me their Fabric Freshener a while back for me to have a try on their baby, which I believe most of you might have seen it on shelves in the Malls and marts. I had been their loyal customer since I started living outside and I love their ranges of products for kitchen, bathrooms, windows, and the one I love the most is their floor wiper! 

It saves so much of my time and effort while keeping my floor relatively clean and fresh. So now, Fabric freshener for fabric items? Yes please! Don’t disappoint me please!


A bit of the information regarding Magiclean Fabric Freshener:

- Strong penetrative power, penetrates deeply into fabric fibers, killing 99.9% bacteria from the inside out.

- Trigger technology from Japan that dispenses micro-mist spray for wider, more even coverage.

- With natural deodorizing extracts to neutralise odor from the root and prevent it rom returning for up to 24 hours.

- Ergonomically designed bottle for easy grip when using.

- Suitable for hard-to-wash fabric products such as:


  • Bedding items such as mattress, comforter, pillow and bolster. 
  • Baby’s fabric toys such as dolls.
  • Baby’s stroller seat, car seat. 
  • Sofa 
  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Clothes to eliminate musty, cigarettes and cooking smells. 
  • Fabric shoes
- Made In Japan



I personally tried and tested the product and I like the scent it gives out. It smells really pleasant smell as per compare to some other products in the market that gives out rather artificial smell and I hate it when the artificial smells changes and smells nasty after a while, and to my surprise, this Magiclean’s doesn’t produce awful smells after it has evaporated and settled down. I also like that it produces micro-mist instead and it spreads really well on my fabric items!

Here's a short video done by me to show you how fine the mist are!

I had yet to try on my fabric shoes, perhaps I should give it a try soon and see if it does helps in elimating smells on the shoes?

I had Sprayed on my room slippers and it quite does its job well honestly, so perhaps outdoor shoes might not be of an issue too?

The one I was given to try out was Magiclean Fabric Freshener in Fresh and light. It is also available in 2 other scents too, in Refreshing Mint and Pure Blossom fragrances.


With Christmas just around the corner, there will be much more gatherings in the house and I think with the Magiclean Fabric refresher, we can easily clean up our sofa and carpet area whenever before and after the guests visit. Save more time and effort with it!

Magiclean Fabric Freshener is available at most supermarket and is retailing at S$4.95.

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