Appreciate everything that you have

As a saying goes, know your well when you drink your water. Be grateful of what you have today, and the little things that you may have taken for granted.

Some parties may have came out with favourable and even promising ideas that might have attracted you to change your mind, but use this cooling day to thoroughly think about the past promises and proposals made for the past 4 years.

Think about the one that can really represent and brings Singapore to a even better country, not just by their rallies, but by the results.

It is never easy to have come thus far, we needed someone who can really deliver his/her promises, and not just making empty noises. I am just hoping no one is making the decision just because they wanted a change, or worse, even blindly following the crowd.


If you are still unsure, take this time to read back those speeches and choose someone that is the best person to represent us. I can't stress enough that the decision that you will be making in a day's time will reflect on your future generation.


 How will you decide?  Hard work against empty rhetoric, a vision against a cheap bargain, a strong, united Singapore or a weak fragmented one? The choice is clear. All for us, For Singapore. I shall end my thought here.


Written by Michelle 황현이

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