Sorry for the lack of updates readers. =x
Was really busy recently since my last post due to my work .
Was busy with work stuffs,
Just attended the 7th month function last saturday...
Mummy and daddy was really busy like bee for the past week. =)
Haha.. now at least free a bit..
I was really pissed off by 2 person yesterday!
Was pissed off by 2 Fcuking person keep calling my phone harrass me!


- This fellow called me while i was working ,
asking me who am i ?
i was like ?? then i asked her back..
" who are u " then in the end the fellow made me pissed off..
i kup the phone.. Aftermath, She called again...
Mummy told me to let the matter down by saying i called the wrong number.
I was like " huh?? why ?? wa lao, now that fellow call me making me du lan, then ask me to forget it! "
Ended up, i Gave in and apologized even though i'm not at fault.

i thought this case closed. ended up,
The fellow called me , msg me in the middle of the night ,
Saying all those vuglar language to me..
Sorry lo.. i really cannot take it and scold her back.
1 more time you make me du lan again,
I'll make sure i make a police report!

Anyway, my mood is feeling better now..

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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