Was browsing through my blog link and went to see Ah family Website..
Well, i saw the lastest post there...

Hmm.. Out of the sudden..
Memories of those days with Ah famers flashed back...
Emo(ed) for a period of time...
I really neglected them ..
Dui Bu Qi...

Memories of how i get to know them flashed back..
I joined their clique when i was 14,
the year when i joined mac not long after...

Remember those time wher we had fun together etc..
I remembered, that time i was with andy when i Know u all..
Can say that time i'm not really know them quite well..

Hahs, i do remember, that time we were having crew outing ,
Then i was with another brunch of friends..
Then on the same day, i stead(ed) with andy le,
Aftermath, joined u guys for activities, chilling up etc..

Though i was not able to make it most of the time,
i knew that u guys really concern about me..
Started to know you all well,
then it was when i broke up with him le..

I admitted at that point of time,
i really want to leave you guys..
cause i feel that i'm in this group cox of him...
then its like sort of awkward to stay on after this..

Jie ( joey ) , knew this after i told her about how i feel..
She really touched me and make me moved on with all her heart words..
Alot of things happen after that...
Which makes me dun have the courage to meet u all up...

I still remember, tat time at mac still got another family consist of me, alex (daddy) , tie boon , and Zi kai... lol.. Its called "YE" family...
I admit i've spend more time with tat family more than our own family...
Well.. Soon after that family was dismissed,
i really felt quilty to stay in Ah Fam...

Hmmm ... I'm sorry for making Ah Family worried about me when i was working at mac that time..Especially ashley , siang choo ..
Everytime U guys had to cover for me.. I'm sorry for makng u all kana scolded..
I remember that there was once ashley cant take it anymore,
Cause i spoilt Ah family reputation.
I remembered u scolded me for my action. I knew i gave u alot of trouble..
I'm sorry...

Soon, one by one left mac for their future..
There was a time wher i keep thinking about the time where we all work morning shift together..
Hahs.. its really a memorable thing that i will always keep inside my heart..

I started to drift apart from u all this 2 yrs..
Dui Bu qi.. Sorry for not able to accompany you guys this few years..
I know i neglected you all cause of BFs, works..
Soon after, i really drifted from you all...

At times i really wished to join back you guys,
but i really just dunno how to...
afterall, i neglected u all for so long..
i felt quilty. really quilty...
I really got no courage to step into this family...
I really got no face to face you guys back..
Its not that i don't want this family le..
Is i really duno how to face ah famers..
i really dunno how to catch up with u guys..

Seeing u all so happily i really relieved..
I dunno if u all still treat me as part of ur ...
but i really just want to say....
You guys are really the best buddies i've ever knew..
Friens that will stand by u when ever u sad/happy/emo etc..
I'm glad to know u guys..

If i got a chance to choose,
I would still want to join you all..
And i would not neglect you guys like what i did in the past...

> joey jie : Thanks for all the advices, guilds.. i really can see u care me alot..
Th' now we had lost contacts, but i'll find you up and catch up with u soon.. thanks for
being there for me all this while...
> Ashley : You are like a big sister guilding us not to take wrong steps... To be frank , i'm scared
you cause i scared i'll make a wrong step and make u angry again, so hence i'm always
keepin quiet when i meet u... hahs.
> Siang Choo : Th' i'm not that close to you.. but somehow i can feel ur closeness.. Another sister
that guild me all this while. My role model. =D
> Yi ting : Da jie jie.. You never fail to cheer us up!! i really enjoy being with u.. hahs... You are like our kai xin guo lo!!

> Kat : Hahs.. We had really drifted alot.. i miss those days with u... lol.. =D

>Karen : Chio bu!! hahs... i miss u alot leh.. miss ur lame.. lalala.. =D

> Samuel : San Mao.. My Da kor kor.. Hahs.. We've drifted too.. Where the lame san mao i used to know??? =D

> Andy : Cai Yao Sian. (oppx .. dun kill me for calling ur chinese name ) i miss your singing la.. and your dance. wakaka.. =D Jia You for your future endevours alrite =D

> Yi Xiong : Bear Bear.. Th' i'm not close to you.. But i really miss u alot la.. Hahs.. ( shy shy ) lol..

> Wee keong : keong !! i really not close to you leh.. lol.. everytime not u MIA then is i MIA. dont really got chance to talk to you la.. how r u ? lol... =D

After all, i really love you guys.. sry for not able to show to u tat i love u all.. cause i really dunno how to show...

*ps : can time be turn back to where we had started? i dun want to repeat my same mistakes again.. haish..

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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