Presently to you !!!!!! GARMIN-ASUS!!!

Hey readers!!

I've come across to find out 2 new phones that tempt my heart...
[ suddenly got the urge to buy lo.. ] [笑]

Have you guys heard about Garmin-Asus Phone?
Recently they launched 2 new mobiles - G60 , M20
Its so mad chio lo... [笑]

Suddenly got the urge of dumping my Omnia Pro aside and shower my love on the 2 phones [ =x ]

Now got 2 different models, hmmm... lets see which one suits me / tempt me more....

G60 :

Lets see the overview of G 60 :

The Most important - Their SPECS!

Now, lets see what the M20 has got in store for us :

The Overview :

Their SPECS! :

Hmm.... So Hard to choose yeah?

But i already got in heart which phone i preferred most after doing the comparison....








TA DAH!! GARMIN-ASUS M20!!!!![clap clap ]

Why i choose M20 over G60 ma?


It has WIFI, [ for me to surf net on the go! ][笑],

Its 3G [ 'cos i do video conferencing ] ,

3mp camera with auto-focus [ snapping on the go ],

Its uses Window Mobile 6.1! [ currently i'm using it too! ] [笑],

and most importantly,

it can store expandable memory up to 4 GB!!! [ which many phone will experience hang/lagging but not M20!!! ]

Though the talk time might not be long,

But, with the specs above, its my cup of " phone " .[笑]

Wanna get my hands on it soon!!!

So what is your choice?

[ Oh my.. my head had been thinking GARMIN-ASUS ,GARMIN-ASUS all the time!!! ]


XoXo =)

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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