What's Wrong with us today?

Topic: Are we really wrong?

From the heading, i supposed that all of you knows what i'm gonna be saying about.

*Declaration : this post is my own opinion, i'm not pointing fingers at anyone, neither anything, its all of my own view. If this post is offensive to you, I apologized for it but i got to stress again, its out of personal opinion.

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Babes and dudes,

Have you ever wonder why our parents are provoking into every of our matter?

Have you ever repay back their kindness?

Have you ever step into our parent's Point Of View to think?

Parents :

- When we were young, our parents sacrifice their time,life,freedom to take care of us, making sure that we are being taken care of, making sure that we are well-fed, well educated etc.

They [parents], are trying all their best to bring us up, they slogged for their lives, they eat lesser, they save more money, they are not getting enough sleep, they sacrifice their freedom, just of a simple reason, they wanted to give us the best they can, regardless of just whether is money matters, or just for a comfort home. They wanted us to grow up happily, having our childhood memories, and to enjoy our growing up progress.

They sacrifice everything in their lives for us[children], because they really love us, and they never ever whined/complained upon that.

Growing Up :

-Some children turned bad and rebellious when they are in their teenager age. Steal,fights,drugs,run away from home,influences from peers. They ended up with police cases,going into girls'/boys'home due to the crime/mistakes that they committed.

Some are being caught by police,some are being brought in by their parents. They hate their parents 'cos their parents brought them in,but have they ever wondered why their parents did that? They don't wish to see their children repeat the same old mistakes. They wanted them to learn from the lesson.

The children would never be able to understand so,they just think that their parents hated them,their parents never stand in their place to think,they think that their parents are just simply heartless. But,which parents don't heart break? Who would bear to see his/her own children having a bad record? But they got no choice,they just wanted the child to stop their mistakes before committing more crimes. Children won't be able to understand that.

We always complained that our parents are so unthoughtful,not caring to them. They chose to find outside friends and become best buddies and further more when they clicked on each other. We started to regard our friends as our own family members,hanging out with them more than with their parents.
No matter what our parents said,even if their groups of friends are from bad companies,the children would never listen to them and instead,quarreling with their parents just because they think their parents are controlling them too much,provoking their nose on every of the single matter that the children is participating in.

Years passed, we [children] all grew up, finished our education and step on the next stage of our life - working adults. We started finding high pay job, working an 9-5 jobs, some working shifts, all because of money. Some then, still took money from their parents, some don't. Some spend money like water, some save money till millions.

We met our other half, and that's when some of the major problem came in. Some people quarreled with their parents over their other half. Sometimes it might not necessary be their partner's matter, but still they blew their tops on their parents. Maybe its work stress, peers matters, personal emotions, they just raised their voices to their parents, without thinking how much it might hurt them.

Our parents stay mute about it, because they walked past what we are going through. But we, children, take granted of their understanding and started to abuse their parents more.

Decades past, its time for our parents to retired, some fortunate ones are able to retire when reaching their retired age, some are more pathetic. They had to continue slogging, just to feed themselves, or worsen, for their all grown up children.

How about us[children]? Well, we started earning a lot of money, financially stable and it's time to get on with the other stage of our life - marriage.

After marriage :

- Due to their wife/husband, or to the extend of having a own house,many children moved out from their parents,neither they want their parents to move in with them! They just want some romantic period with their partners. Soon,they started to neglect their parents more,leaving the old to fence for themselves...

Some of the more cruel children, simply dump their parents in lurch, or simply don't acknowledge them as their family members, especially when they are out with their friends, so as to not to make themselves lose face[This includes when they are still in teenager age].

What do i mean by losing face? - It means that bumping into their parents are shameful, as they think that their friends will look down on them, like they are mummy's boy/girl.

Some would take their parents to the Nursing Homes For The Old, as they verbally wanted them to enjoy their remaining life there. No matter if they are healthy, sick,they just dump them there and that's it. Perhaps paying a visit once a week or so, thinking that they are doing their parts. But have they ever wondered if this is what their parents wishes too?

I can say,NO. No Parents are willing to be sent over to be taken care of by the nurses,majority of the elders just wish to stay with their children, and that, taking care of their grandchildren, and to enjoy every minute of their lives with them to the fullest.

Some children just simply make use of their parents for a maid cum babysitter. They expect their parents to do this do that, take care of their own children while they are out to enjoy/work, and scolded them when they failed to do their part as their maid/babysitter.

Some of the elders are being treated worsen. Once they started to feel unwell, develop and diseases, the children simply just shoo their parents away, and pretended not to know them!

As we all grow older and older, we tend to forget/ pissed off by every little things that our parents made. But why are they doing that? I believed they are trying to find a topic to start off with,and to that,they do not know how to express themselves,hence,trying to nag on us in order to grab our attention.

But majority of us,instead of communicating with them,we ended up with heated quarrels with them. Though it hurt their hearts,but they just kept it to themselves, reason is not to provoke the children anymore.

Why don't we just treat our parents better? Why can't we step into our parent's shoes and think? I think this is something majority of the people are finding it hard to fulfill.

Lets take it this case :

-If you were now a parent,how would you feel if your children behaves like the way i mentioned as above?

-If you were to be send to a Nursing home 'cos of your age/illness,how would you feel?

-Would you wish that your children will behave and treat you this way?

Conclusion :

-If we treat our parents better,isn't it a good thing?

-If we spend more time to communicate with them,is it going to have less conflicts?

-If we listen to them,wouldn't it be better? We will be leading a more better way,as our parents were young before too. They totally understand what we are going through,hence,trying to prevent us from going wrong.

-To me,if you don't respect/communicate with your parents now,when are you gonna to communicate? Till the day they aren't there for you anymore? Wouldn't it be a little too late then?

-Treasure and cherish them now before its too late,apologize to your parents for the little bad things you did last time,and tell them you love them,it would light up their hearts and feeling!

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