[ lunch + Dinner at Just Acia ]

Outing with My darling Girl recently!

Went out with my darling girl, Carol, this few days!

I'm so happy going out with her~ Talking about all the craps, joking around, serious things, gossiping etc~

Really its been so long since we went out, as we both are busy with our work.. LOL..

Tuesday 14/01 :

  • Went to meet her at 1pm at our house there,
  • Went to MDIS for some school thingy~
  • Went to eat at Just Acia, first time there, and the food is quite yummy! Affordable too!!!

  • Aftermath, went to Paya Lebar for some serious stuffs~ [ forgot to meet my di when i was there.. FML siia, sorry di~ ]
  • Shop for few hours there, shopping and doing extensions~

  • Went to Yishun to have our supper time! LoL.. but too bad, someone wasn't there.. [ siian 1/2]
  • Went to stay-over at her house, talking craps again~

  • Played with online games that i'm currently addicted [ Thanks for your recommendation girl~]
  • She, as usual, talked on the phone neglecting me, LOL, lucky got AnAn.. Tsk Tsk~

Wednesday 13/01:

  • Woke up at around noon time, 1 plus or 2? Laughs [ we know we pig~ but we stay up till quite late ok!! Tsk Tsk ]

  • Slack with her, playing around with her comp and AnAn~

  • While she, on the other hand, talked on the phone while make-up[ing] ! [ PRO!!]

  • Aftermath, went back home[ finally] to shower and prepare for the outing~

  • Find her at her house, but kanasaii daughter make me wait outside for soooo long [ 10-20 mins]!! LoL.. i don't blame her, 'cox her phone put silent mode~

  • Slack at her house then go to causeway for shopping spree~

  • Reached and walk around causeway buying things~

  • Haha, Sorry girl, i was a bit gong at that time, so took so long to make the final decision of the thing you want~ [ Pai Seh~]

  • Call Mr Gerard, ask him where he was, and he told me he will be reaching soon~

  • Mr Gerard reached, and shopped with him to buy some clothes while waiting for girl at the fitting room~

  • Both went out with bags of shopping loots but not me T.T

  • Girl went home first 'cos of some personal reason~

  • Then we continued to shop,and settled down for dinner~

  • Aftermath, walked home, while talking about work related stuffs

  • Slept early, as i'm tired ~
Anyway, girl, I'm sorry that i cant make up my mind of your things at causeway, 'cos, i was thinking of work stuffs then, sorry, haha, hope u like the thing you bought~
And sorry for making you spend a bomb~ I'm a bad mummy i know~ Tsk Tsk...

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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