Thank guys for all the wishes! ♥

  A very big thank you to those who wished me these few days,though some of you might be late, but still, i appreciated it, reason being that you guys still remember and took the effort to wish me. No matter how you wished me, via facebook, Msn, friendster, tagged sms and etc, i really appreciated. Well, I'm really happy that many of you still remember it, because i did not really plan to celebrate nor organising any party. 

Well, this year's birthday celebration is rather plain, because i don't plan to make it big or celebrate, don't ask me why, 'cos i also donno why too. Just a simple dinner with Mr Gerard followed by a shopping spree, then after, went to meet Miss Carol girl for a belated celebration. She really touched my heart with her little action! Girl, mummy felt so happy, 'cox u take the initiative to give me "surprise". Though there's rather a messy one, but i quite happy, 'cox u really got the heart, its the thoughts that counts, not the amt of present. :)

  Sidetrack a little, thank you mummy, for still remembering my birthday. I really didn't expect the big present you given me. Wakaka, i really love the presents alot, thank you mummy, I Love You :) <3

Thanks Mr Gerard for the Birthday treat and the present :) Its nice :) . Thanks alot and sorry for spending so much of your time/money. I Love You <3

Thanks my darling girl, Carol, for your surprise! I'm really very very touched! I Love You. <3

And to the rest of the guys i did not mention, A big hug to all of you! You guys makes my day!

Okay, back to the topic, I'm stepping on to a new journey of life, a brand new year for me! Last year wasn't really a good year for me, as i'm facing alot of bad cases, law cases,
finiancial crisis, career crisis etc. I really hope that this year, my 19th years old life, will turns out real better!

I sincerly hope that i can really stable my career, no more finiancial crisis for me, NO more bad things! Especially those fuckers/ littleman that trying to create havor, go away! :)  Shall end here now, will be uploading those images soon :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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