Recovering !

Went to Arab street recently, and to my surprise, i found some antique items, the owner was really friendly to let me took photos of his collections,without any charges! So good of him!

I was "greeted" by this robot standing in front of the shop, and out of curiosity, i went into the shop....

                                                   ( More robots found inside the shop )

                             ( The Antique cameras in working condition? )

                                              ( The antique player )

                          I fell in love with this!! So mad chio !!!!

                                                         ( Old School scooter? )

Anyway, been hanging out with my dear carol recently... 

I was so unlucky that i had 2 times of high fever on march!!! On the process of recovering, to those friends that i have not been meeting you, sorry~ Let me recover first okay? =)

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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