I need to voice out!

Firstly, I am really very very very disappointed with SINGTEL service. I am really pissed off and upset with their service. Its not the first time i encountered such a problem, its endless time! endless time! I mean, firstly, how can they barred my line just because of a UNKNOWN outstanding balance of SGD$3.00! Yes, just some pathetic $3 and they barred my line because of this! Next, they changed my phone account number WITHOUT even informing me, thus, i made the wrong payment to the wrong account. And that, I needed to waste half an hour of my time to speak to the customer servcie officers who keep on pushing the responsibility to others! How can they be so so so irresponsible? Now, till now, my line is still been barred from everything. How am i supposed to call people in case of emergency? FTL! 

Next, my pathetic laptop keep on giving me problems now adays, firstly my laptop spoilt, next my phone black out, now, my line kana barred, so what's next hur? 

Anyway, I sensed my beloved baby coming back to find me on the 7th day, i don't know if its really the truth, because i really sense her present :) People that is close to me will know that i have 6th sense, so i don't think my senses would be wrong. I wasn't afraid, terrified or whatever you name it upon having this feeling that she came back, in fact, i felt relieved and happy, don't ask me why i felt this way, is just a feeling that you cant describe. Hmmm, just imagine that someone you love dearly passed on and came back to look for you? The feeling would be warm instead of those errie kind of feel. 

Till date, i still couldn't forget all the memories with her, almost everything that i have done links me to her, and its really weird that she not around, anymore. Well, many of you would think that i am a irresponsible "mum" , yes, indeed i am, and to be frank, i'm really guilty about this, is something i would never forgive myself for the rest of my life, for not been able to take care of her, showered her with plenty of love when she is still alive. I cant help letting my family members felt upset, i know they love her just as much as i love my baby.

Daddy tried his best not to scold me, upset me, and even cooked my favorite food for me to cheer up. I really appreciated it dad! I got to act strong in front of everybody, i can't afford to let those that care about me down anymore. I held my tears, i put on a strong front, and acts as if nothing happen in front of them, just to make sure they wont worry about me. But, who really knows that i teared in the middle of the night, thinking of those memories left for me? Seeing her pictures really makes me teared, but who really understands? 

For this 2 years, i chose not to publish out her photos in my blog, is because i wanted to protect her privacy, this is the least i can do as her mummy. Perhaps time can really heals everything, but not forgetting everything. 

well, Shall end my post here...

Would be un-contactable these few days, you may drop me a message in FB/ twitter, will reply from there then. 

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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