Advertorial : Glam Chic Bling

ADVERTORIAL : Glam Chic Bling

As what the header of this post says, Glam Chic Bling. So do i have to say more? Interpreted  by its name, shouldn't it be something to do with those shiny blings? 

Now adays, you can spot quite a lot of babes carrying those "bling" (crystallized) gadgets around. Its like a trend or rather, a must for girls to "bling" their things with those tiny little crystals.
Well, i know that in the market there is quite a lot of shops selling those ready-made covers, but i suppose, all of us don't wish to have the same pattern/design with other babes out there yeah? We all want unique items, that's why we go and crystallized our things, but if it crashes with other people, or rather, seeing the same design over and over other people, i supposed it defeats the purpose of crystallizing it right? :)

Not many of us got the time/talent to sit down for hours just to crystallize your gadgets with those tiny little crystals. So now, we can turn to Glam Chic Bling to help us crystallize it! 

They offered special customisation to their clients at affordable rates! You can tell them your ideas and they will do the job for you! And its of affordable rates too! Imagine you can save the time and hussle 'cause they did it for you! Too bad that my phone model doesn't have its casing, if not i would sure ask them to unleash their creativity to help me! 

Lets take a look at some of their works : 

Chio (Pretty) isn't it! How i wish i can have half their talent! Hur-hur!
And for those other babes who wanna crystallise it on her own (Like me!) , you can purchase the crystals from them and stick on your own. This means : your own creativity and you will be glad to see the final product! 

They come in many different themes, whether you want the cute/glam/cool or whatever you can name of, they HAVE IT! It all comes in a package! And, what i love about them is that they wont mix all the crystal together, which means, they organised the crystals to different bags so that u wont have a hard time sorting it out! 
I got mine from them too! Their delivery and service is fast! I would give a thumb up for them!

*Ps : The crystals are true to pictures. And i will be getting more from them soon! 
Hurry up and get yours now!

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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