Back from Wedding Dinner

Just came back from my friend's wedding. It was rather successful  and grant. A totally different culture from Singapore. I joined the guys' side, or rather, the groom's side to celebrate his last day of single life. As it was an unplanned wedding, the groom went to buy the wedding band on the 11th hour! See you soon again Sam and his group of friends!  LOL. Anyway, i got so much fun there, though some unhappiness do happen. Well, I shall not talk about it. And i did not really slept much nor shopped much during the trip. Sad! :(

The best thing in this trip is that the coach back to Singapore BROKE down in the middle of the road, and that, causes us to wait for at least an hour in the bus. Luckily the coach was still able to send all of us back to Singapore despite its "gonna break down" state. As we are sitting in the first row, the row directly behind the driver's seat, both of the drivers keep chatting with us, and attending to our "needs". He, or rather i should say them, always make sure that we can our "recharge" before they proceed on. Its a pity that they spoke in Malay, hence i couldn't communicate with them, if not, i think i wouldn't be so bored on the way back. Haha.

And, today, I witness something that makes me shivered down my spine. I witness an accident happen while on my way out. Its the first time i saw it, and was rather shock! Its a motor accident, and i swear that i would not want to drive motor, nor being ride on a motor anymore. I am really afraid after all these things that my friends told me/ happen personally to them. :'( Pray hard that the driver would be fine. God bless you alright! 

Anyway, was browsing around the net and i notice something that is gross to the max, and i think i would never ever want to do any double eyelid surgery! Anyway, i got to admire the famous blogger, Xia Xue, for being so brave to do the surgery on her eyelid! You rocks Xia Xue!! :)

Here you are, the video, but bear in mind, its really gross.. not for the weaked heart though! :)

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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