Life is fragile isn't it?

Well, before i go overseas, there's something i really wanted to share.. I felt really upset when my niece called me yesterday, telling me that my aunt is going to heaven. It so unexpected, few months ago, i still see her so lively, still can chat with me and stuffs, and few months later, she is leaving us.

Upon hearing the news, i am really really stunned. I wondered why isn't any one to tell me this when she found out she got cancer? Why wait till now? And why the cancer she is having is the same with my mother?  I'm really afraid that some day i will have the same thing too. ( God bless me ) 

I started to have those symptom every year during this period. I just hope that my aunt would be fine. May god please take away all the illness from her, and let her live her life happily please? I wanted to rush down today, but it crashes with my schedule, I got no time left to pay her a visit till i come back.. Please.. Don't let anything happen to her, as well as everyone around us. 

Till date, I have not yet break the news to my daddy, I really don't know how to tell him about my aunt condition. What should i do? 

*Ps : Charmaine dumb dumb, please stay strong and don't break down, lets all pray that your grandma/ my aunt would be fine. Crying doesn't help that much. Try to stay by her side more and let her know that you really care about her. Tell her those things that you have always wanted to tell her before its too late. I will be heading down asap once i touched back to Singapore.  

*Ps : Aunt, i love you, wait for me, I will come and visit you asap once i reach Singapore! Stay strong please. Don't let those negative thoughts take you away. I still want to talk to you, I still want you to see my boyfriend, i still want you to attend my wedding, and brother's wedding. Please, don't lose faith in yourself!!!
♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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