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I just want need a place to rant out my unhappiness. :( Yes, I am feeling so unhappy, with a little bit of emotional reaction now. I think that's partly because that I am going to be extremely busy and away for from home for at least 20hours a day next week. Well, just hope that I can survive through this coming week!

Speaking of which, for those whom had been following me on my Twitter/ Facebook could had noticed that I had been ranting about something that really bothered me a lot.  

Okay, recently, there are some people out that, private message me asking for some famous celebrity's contacts, but there's this one person, whom I can categorized as "Die-Hard" fan, mass-email me to get the contact number of that guy. I mean, its not unusual that such thing would happen, but my concern here is that she should just asked in a more mannered way instead of using rude, broken sentences to ask me.

To be frank, I was already nice enough to reply her, and asked her to ask that guy herself. But to my surprise, she repeatedly messaged me, asking me for his number, and started to question me on my relationship with him.

I mean, its not that I am being selfish not to give her the contact, its all about the word "respect". Let's take it for example, if someone else were to ask me contacts of my other friends, I would still ask them to ask for it themselves. Let's just phrase it in another way, what if you were that friend of mine, then out of a sudden, there's this random person from nowhere, contacting you, and disturb your life? Would you feel annoyed and pissed off? The same theory applies here.

What I want to say is that, its all about the effort and sincerity in whatever you do. If the person you fancies passes you his contact methods himself, isn't that better? If he wants to give you, he would eventually, if not, stop pestering any of his friends around him, as it would make them really annoyed and eventually, detest you.

*On a short update, after she fails to get this guy's contact, she tried to pester me by asking for another celeb's contact, whom is close to him too. .-.-"

Okay, I shall mark this entry as a useless entry, as i think that the characters here are making you feel confused. Hahaha!

On a side note, I would not be revealing any names of the person involves in this incident.

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