[Blog] I learnt to cherish my life even more

Life is indeed precious to all of us, one would not appreciate and cherish life until something happens.

For my case, I do cherish every moment spent and definitely, treasure my life even more from now onwards.

Don't let your imagination run wild, I did not commit any foolish acts, neither anything that takes my life away. Haha! I am really lucky that I managed to come back to where I am, after few days. I was glad that I had such a wonderful boyfriend who is always there for me when to take care of me. Yes, if you had been following my twitter for the past few days, or in my Facebook friendlist, you would have notice that I did not really update my status except for those Korea Entertainment News. In case you are wondering about my presence, I was down with high fever for the past 4 days. It really tramatise me alot, as this time round, it is not just a normal high fever, but, extreme high fever ( 39.++ degrees) with food poisoning and urinary infection.

I was so sick that I could not even step out of my bed, and to the extend of wearing pieces and pieces of winter wear to make myself feel warmer! I am not kidding, just imagine that even without any fans or air conditioning in the room, you still need to wear those layers of clothings, just because you are feeling cold and shivering! What makes the thing worse is that you could even camp inside the toilet 'cause of food poisoning.

Thinking that I have recovered after eating the prescribed medicines by the doctor, I was feeling even worsen than before! It makes the closes ones around me worried, and to the extend that my guy had to take urgent leave in the middle of the night, just to rush me to the hospital! I'm feeling better now, after all the injections and medications given by the doctor. I guess all I needed now is plenty of rest to recover.

Emails had been sent to those sponsors, to inform them about my condition, and to also, delay my assignments till I am better. Apologize to all, for not being able to update my page for these few days. I will be back soon. Take care everyone and see you soon! Remember not to neglect me or my blog. Thank you!

* On a side note, please forgive me if I didn't reply/ answer any of your calls and messages. I need plenty of rest to regain my health back. Thanks.

And lastly, thank you, Boyfriend, for being there for me all the while. Words can't express my gratitude to you. I LOVE YOU!

Alright, I had done clarifying, and typing this post really drains out my energy. End my post here. Bye...
♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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