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Just wondering if you had ever watch one of the hottest Taiwan drama, Autumn Concerto,下一站,幸福?

Yes, its one of the hottest Taiwan drama show in 2009! ( And also one of my hot favorite Taiwan drama apart from those Korean drama ^^) Watch it if you have not okay? There's so many babes and hunks involve in this show!

I still remembered one of the main actress in the show, Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning (许玮宁), who acted as He Yi Qian (何以茜)!

And guess what? She is the endorser of Love More Mask (爱恋膜法)!! Oh my! Now I can dream of having her perfect complexion!! (Alright, I know, dream on yeah? D: ) 

I mean, who doesn't wish to have their complexion to be as perfect as her? I do!

Not only that, Kary Wu, is also the endorser for Love Me Masks in Hong Kong!
"Lovemore Kary On" Concert in Hong Kong

And below are some of the extract taken out from her blog in regards of Love More masks.

“I finally finished my work, and the first thing that I do when I reached home is to pamper my skin! I want to recommend "LOVE MORE MASK" which I use daily to everyone! Other than pampering my face, I think it is important to take good care of my neck too! This 3D mask fits perfectly to my face, and the ear-hooks wraps my face and neck~ you will turn beautiful and fair with just 20 minutes a day! To babes who want to become prettier, let us enjoy "LOVE MORE MASK's" Magic!!”

** That's her blog that I had printscreen**
And not to forget, some of the Ravings by Taiwanese Bloggers:




It seems that Love More had been one of the hot selling brand in Taiwan and Hong Kong yeah? So how can I resist myself  getting that on my hands! Especially this festive seasons!

And, million thanks to Love More 爱恋膜法 and T.S.S for the sponsorship to save and pamper my poor dehydrated skin!

Here's what I had received from them!

I simply couldn't resist those cute packaging!
They pack it in a way that it looks like its a mail/parcel! Look at the envelop! OMG!

Love More (爱恋膜法) is one of the best selling mask brand in Taiwan! And it uses imported ingredients from Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Swiss & Scotland for all of their masks! 

One of the highlight is that its individual package is the design of envelopes! How cute! 

There are a total of 6 types of masks with different benefits to suits different skin types!

Upon Receiving the products, I couldn't resist to tear open those lovely envelops! But, I got to try and see, as those Taiwan Bloggers keep raving on it! So I started with Japanese Pearls firming & Whitening Mask!


I was indeed impressed with their masks! For the first time in my life, I can feel its cooling sensation upon applying it onto my face! *Note: I did not store it in any fridge or air-conditioned place. I just place it in room temperature! 20 minutes later, I took off the mask and my skin become smoother and slightly brighter than before. Later on, I pat the remaining essence into my skin and went to sleep. After a night, I can see that my face is firmer and brighter. 


I tried this 2 days after applying the previous mask. Same routine as before. Did noticed that my face appears to be slightly radiant and firmer than before. It gives out a pleasant smell too! (Drooling)

Hohoho! This is the mask that I love the most out of those sponsored! Why? Because not only it contours my face, it also have additional hooks, or rather, I should say, additional piece is attached to our usual face mask to contour our "double chin" too! Unlike the rest, this one significantly firms up my face even more as there was this hook that we can hooked on to our ears, maximizing the effect! 

See the double hook? Its for us to hook on, so to firms up and contour our face! Slimmer face!! :>
And know what? The fats on my face and neck were less obvious! For that instance, I feel like i'm been to some facial saloon for facial. Its so relaxing, cooling and I love the effect!

And not to forget, the rest of the masks!

Tempted to lay your hands on them by now? 
You can redeem a retail piece of it at The Sample Store (Click here)!

It is also retailing at $7.90 for normal masks (5 pieces in each package), and $8.90 for 3D Masks (5 pieces in each package)available exclusively in Watsons from 15th January 2011 onwards! 

So get yours Now!! And pamper your face during the holidays!

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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