Is Kim Kibum and Xanda really withdrawing from UKiss?

I can't believe that Ukiss members, Xandar and Kibum will withdraw from their group!

UKiss member Xander and Kibum will withdraw from their group!

Quoted from some of the source:

Last time Xander wrote in his weibo:

"Im not trying to escape from anything, just that, i need some time to calm down, to get used to everything around me, to analyze and know the people around me again. My mind is blank, my heart is already numb, i have no strength to think about anything, no mood to feel anything. i just want to follow what GOD tells me to do, one step at a time…"

and also wrote this on his twitter:

I've got sth to SAY! Thank y'all for waiting n trusting me~
TRUE FANS are like TRUE FRIENDS. Wtever decision I make or action I do, they will still support me n respect my decision.
I thank God for letting me realise so many things in my life n around me, and especially for letting me be CLOSER w/ the Lord n becoming a STRONGER person. Well, I should say... when a man almost die but survive, he will eventually live a more meaningful life n become a much STRONGER person. WHO said I am DEAD?? R u ready for a BETTER XANDER!? Here I am... BACK to YOUR WORLD~ LOL! ^-^)b
(P.S.: Thank y'all for ya encouragement n for trying to make me laugh... been reading all ya tweets~^^ Love ya...♥ I mean it...)

and for Kibum:

"In March, there will be bad news. When the time comes, I will tell you.
Pertaining about their withdrawal, many suspects if the groups comeback on March will still pursue, and according to NH MEDIA, they will still continue promoting the album on March as a 5-member group. They also added that they will pick good trainees to add as a new member on the group!

Well, I just thought of sharing with those UKiss fans in case you guys missed out the articles.

Personally,  I do not really know what exactly happened recently ( I'm kinda out of  K-Pop recently due to my work), but whatever the outcome would be, I'd still wish them all the best in their future career and hope that other fans still do support them! Hmmm... 

Anyway, for those whom like to read more about this article, do press the below link. (And source from there too!)


Okay, this might not matter to most of you here, but yeah, I just wanted to share and yup! :)

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