Self Proclaim "Korean Food"

Went out to have some chilling session with G few days back and got myself some items! In fact, some overdue/ post-season items! Haha!

Its been so long since I last watch Mandarin shows! And finally I get to watch this Singapore Movie, "Men In White", which I missed out last time!
I'm so into Make up and beauty and I could never get enough of it!  *My weak point* Though I already gotten myself books from Kevin (Taiwan Well-known Make up artist) and many more, I still can't resist getting more of it! O.0

And the worst SELF PROCLAIM Korean Food that I ever have! Had a mouthful and threw it away! :(
The "Rice Cake". Totally cannot make it! And I think I can do way better than her!
The service is bad, and the "chef" is taking her own sweet time to cook, without notifying us, and make me waited for almost 15 mins? :( I'll never ever visit that store again!
Piles of nice earphones! Anyone interested? :)

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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