[Advertorial] Citrus Chest

 Remember that I've blogged about my complexion entries ago? (Check it out here again: Click here)

And I would like to extend my gratitude to those who gave me advices, solutions and consoles. A big thank you to you guys whom really melts my heart! :)

And Citrus Chest was kind enough to message me and giving me some masks to try out, and hoping that I'll feel better/ get better!

They surprised me with some of the masks that they carry, and also, some color contact lens for me too! What makes my day is that they are sponsoring me all these items without 2nd thought, and of course, they didn't expect me to blog about them too! But, how can I don't share this lovely shop with all my friends and readers out there? :)

Citrus Chest has been in the market for couple of years, and is rather known to many of the teenagers out there, as they carries lots of different brands to suit different categories of people. And recently, they had expanded their business to retail too, to serve and make more people smile!

They sells handful of things ranging from Fashion accessories, beauty products, electronic gadgets and many more! Its easy to locate them too! You may find them at Cine leisure Mall, level 1, which is just directly outside World of Sport!

Stereo earphones with various designs to choose from
Speakers with unique designs :) I like it so much! :)
Fashion accessories such as rings etc.

The cuties that caught on my attention! I got the urge to bring them home with me! PS: Photos can't justify how pretty it is in real life!
Lens from 0 degrees onwards! And it reaches really fast!

If I'm not wrong, the waiting time is less than a week! And they closes their orders really fast, so if you expecting to get your lens asap, you might want to consider them! :)
Check out their website at the following places!
Once again, thank you for all the wonderful things you have did for me! :)

♥ Michelle N. 한국어♥

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