Take a break, Have a kit-kat!

Sorry guys for posting too much advertorials lately. I noticed that my views drops when ever I post too much advertorials/ reviews in a row! So I've decided to give myself a little break and restrict myself for posting too much adverts yeah? Haha!

Went to IKEA over the long weekends to search for my wardrobe! I'm so happy that I've found a rather reasonable wardrobe to store all my clothes in!

And ya, it cost me a bomb and I can foreseen myself filling my stomach with air for the rest of the month. Pathetic much? Or rather, most of you must be thinking that I'm exaggerating, but hey! That's the truth! 
Personally, it's been so long since I last met a sincere salesman! Its really been so long! What's happening to the customer service here? Why is our standard dropping?! I simply hate it that whenever I entered the shop, the first thing that i noticed is not about the products, the environment, is about the sales person/ retail assistant. I can't stand those people pulling such a black face, forcefully smile with that sarcastic tone the moment I step in, and if that happens, I will just get myself out of that shop and never ever walk in again! I don't care if their things are cheap, if their things really caught my eyes or whatever you name it, this is my character, and I strongly believe that customer service really plays a huge role to us, consumers. Yeah, I've been in retail line, F&B service line, so I know how important it is! Enough say, I shall move on.

This sales person, or rather, I should say this employee of IKEA really took the extra miles and makes my day! I was there, searching around for some employees to help me with my purchase, (as its more than twice of my weight) but none came forward and offered their hands, until this guy, particularly by the name of Kenneth walked up, and helped me with the wardrobe. And knowing that there are missing parts in the wardrobe, he took the trouble to check with his other colleagues, keep running to and fro to make sure that everything is in order. He came back after short while, telling me that the stock is currently not available, and that, he would help me to reserve one, and send it to my house.

And I thought by then, he would just walked away and continue with his other stuffs, but boy! He didn't! Instead, he offered to settle all the stuffs for me, from queuing up to make payments to settling of delivery methods etc. It was such a long queue and imagine he queue for me, without second thought, and even ask me to take a sit first while I'm waiting. Now tell me, how many people would actually do that?! Sad to say, its hard to find now a days. And if you think that he is already in his adulthood, then you're wrong. He is barely a young adult, or rather, still schooling, can you imagine? 

From the bottom of my heart, I would really like to thank him for the excellent service. He really make my day with this little actions of his. Thank you! 

And yes, I am easily satisfied and get touched easily by little things people did to me, that's my character I supposed? I never like things to get complicated and ugly, all I ever wanted is just a peaceful life, I don't need millions of friends to make me feel secure, I don't need to have countless branded things, I don't need those luxury life, but all I need is someone who really cares and dotes on me, and making me feel safe and secure. Sounds so naive? People do say I'm naive, but, well, I can't help to feel this way. :(

Anyway, I can't wait for my wardrobe to arrive and I can't wait to assemble it myself! Yes! By myself! I just love D.I.Y so much, I don't know about you guys, but, for me, the happiest moment is when you get all the things done by yourself, and seeing the end product. And remembering those tiny little memories when ever you look at the things. Awww~ Okay, stop knocking on my head, I know I don't look feminine or stuffs. Oh well! Whatever~ Hahaha! 

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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