Thank God Its Friday and counting down to the Big day!


I'm so shocked and honored to be nominated in Cozycot Holygrail Fashion Awards 2011 - The Fashionable Lot, together with several other girls including fellow bloggers! What's more, most of them are models/ entrepreneurs! (You'll see a few familiar faces there too! ;)

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And do check out the other girls too! You may "LIKE" more than 1 entry! :) Many thanks to all of you and thank you CozyCot too! :) See you guys at the award ceremony. :) 

Oh, I think I'm burning too much Mid-night oil/ staying up too late recently. My complexion is getting worse and breakouts keeps on finding me. T^T 

Guess its time for me to sleep early again and of cause, mask more! That's the bad thing about being lazy. >.<


 Next, here are some of the parcels I've received from various sponsors recently! 
Love from Confirm Trading

Guess what they sent me? :)
Taking a Peek!
And the huge amount of products that they sent me! Ranging from masks, cleanser, Moisturizer, BB creams, foundation etc!

With love from Clinelle
The 3 new series of products for me to try and review :)
And taking a closer look at their ingredients.

More products and reviews would be up soon! Do give me some time to try and blog it up yeah? :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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