Just another ranting post

I've always try my best to control my temper to those working with me. I've never believe in making things turns ugly, just for a simple reason, it benefits none of us involved. But this particular guy I'm working with really pisses me off, times and times again. I do have my own limit, I do have my own temper, so don't go too far.

Everything happened for a reason. Please do spend some time to reflect on your doings instead of pushing all the blames on others. Its really annoying, don't you ever get it? I can forgive you once, twice and that is enough. Don't expect me to do all the shits for you when you, on the other hand, is taking life so easily.

Is this what a salaried guy should do? I doubt so. Go ask around, tell them what you've been doing during your work and see if they accept what you are doing. Watching television shows while you are still on shift, refusing to serve customers, takes forever to do a simple task, and spoiling company's reputation. These are some of the examples and I don't wish to name them out respectively. Be glad that we still forgive you despite all the nasty things that you have done. So please change your attitude before things get worse.


On the other hand, I've been feeling real unwell since days ago. Headache doesn't seems to subside from me. :( Its getting worse and no amount of medicines can help me. Guess its time to make a visit down to the doctor soon. I'm not in a mood to do anything now, I got so much things to do, yet I got no energy/ motivation to get my things done with the headache I'm having for the past few days. Please bear with me for a little while, while I try my best to get all the pending stuffs done.

Okay, to sum it out, its just a useless post. Hur hur~ >.<

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