Finally, It marks the end... :)

It has finally marked the end of Chinese's Hungry Ghost festival. I've been busy for the whole month of August, or Lunar 7th month for the Chinese, and finally, I can have some rest! I've found someone who can take over my job duties and I'm more relieved now. :)

Though I've not yet settled the problems for my personal side, but I guess I already do have the answer that I'm seeking for. Its hard for me to make this decision, but its even harder for me to execute it and staying firm by my decision. Well, I can do it, I sure able to!

Anyway, this year has been a rather special year for me. Its the first year that I'm unofficially involved with the festival's dinner, and I've learned quite an amount of things! I came to realize that teamwork and co-operation is a very important factor towards every event, everything. Though things might not turns out smoothly along the way, but eventually, with strong bonding and team spirit, things are back to its tracks and was run smoothly. ^.^

I've also managed to snap some photos, while helping out. Haha!











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