Random Snippet :)

I remember someone asking me this question while we're chatting, "If you are given a chance to be Mediacorp artiste,will you accept?" :) 

This question somehow really set me thinking on what do I really want in life. It seems like I'm getting nowhere, I'm here and there and somehow, I couldn't decide what I really want or how I should really want my life to be. Oh well. I better start thinking before everything is too late. 

Went over to find my hair stylist last Friday with mum and some chit-chatting. Its been, almost half a year since my last visit. I'm thinking of perming my hair soon, its seems so nice. 

Anyway, it was mum's birthday that Friday, so we went out for some shopping and relaxing session, leaving the guys to tend the shop. Hahaha! That's so evil of us! But, the birthday girl deserve to rest on her big day isn't it! :) Mummy, if you're ever going to read this, I just want to say, I ♥ you! I can't wait for you to be back on Saturday!

Some random snippets I've found online, so just thought of sharing. :)
♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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