50 reasons why you 'should' marry a Photographer

 Was browsing through the net and I came across this article, so I thought of sharing. I really agreed with most of the points mentioned though. LOL!
1. Since your spouse would always want to take your picture, you would always try to look picture perfect all the time and in the long run that will be beneficial for you only.

2. Your photographer spouse will be taking photographs of you all the time - since you would be the immediately available model - you will be showered with a lot of attention and who doesn't like that?

3. Your spouse can nicely arrange all the wedding photographs and preserve them in an album or digitally on a CD/photo sharing website, without any hassle.

4. You just have to marry a photographer, because at the end of the day, your photographs would come out really good, no? and who doesn't like having nice photos of themselves to look at.

5. A photographer knows how to handle precious and expensive things and that is where you will be at an advantage. At least you will be taken care of and looked after?

6. You will never have to worry about having the perfect pose in a photograph to put up on Facebook as a display picture, it is the spouse's job now to take a perfect photo of you.

7. Your friends on Facebook or Twitter will compliment you on your - one after the other - brilliant uploads of profile pictures and you can thank your spouse for that.

8. Want a photo taken for your passport or for official purposes? Don't worry your spouse can do it.

9. Want an urgent photograph of yourself or just in the mood? Just make a cute face and say to your spouse "Darling, would you be a dear and take a picture please?" they'll end up taking one hundred and you will have plenty of choices to choose from.

10. Have neck pain? Ask your spouse to tell you from which angle your face looks best. He/she will touch it and rotate it so many times, you'll get a free massage and a neck workout. Just don't get dizzy afterwards.

11. Your spouse can take amazing couple photographs of you two, without needing any help from anyone else. That's where the DSLR remote control comes in/or the timer feature of the camera.

12. You will literally be the 'apple of his/her eye' since he/she will photograph your face a million different ways.

13. If there is a family function, your spouse can cover it, that also free of cost.

14. From honeymoon to every vacation, you'll never have to worry about photographing the holiday, because your spouse will excel at that and you will have great photos to put up in albums on your Facebook profile.

15. Photographer yourself? You two would be a match made in heaven.

16. You will never be bored of Facebook. You can always check out your partner's photography fan page and promote it. If they don't have one, you can create one and manage it.

17. Choosing a gift for any of the occasions will never be a problem. Any camera accessory would do.

18. Flattering your spouse will be easy. Just compliment them on their photography in a seductive tone.

19. Want some space or me time? Send your partner on a photo walk or nudge them to pick up a camera and photograph something. They'll be so engrossed and will at least give you a few hours breather.

20. Now all your favorite moments will be captured in high resolution and professionally. That also free of cost. If you want a video of those moments? Don't worry, your spouse's DSLR would probably have the video feature.

21. Managing the photos you take from your phone or camera will never be your headache. You spouse will archive those photos for you in their 1 TB Western Digital external HDD and give you copies.

22. Want to pick up photography as an hobby? You know who to go to. Your spouse will be more than happy to show you the ropes! and probably like/love you a bit more as well.

23. You can start sharing your spouse's photography on Twitter and Facebook and gain popularity. Feeling naughty? share it as your own.

24. Angry? Frustrated? You can always start criticizing your partner's photography and let out your anger. You can always change your opinion when you feel better.

25. Posing in front of the camera would boost your charisma and give you confidence. Skills essential in the professional/corporate world.

26. If you like sunsets and want a picture of you at the beach at sunset time? Your space will be more than happy to take one for you. This way you can take a romantic stroll at the beach too.

27. If you are the kind of person that likes to observe and interpret things, you would love watching television with your spouse. It would make for an interesting banter.

28. Your spouse would cover different events, go to different places and you can tag along. Free vacation.

29. You would love having a photographer as a spouse, if you are the kind of person who likes to travel or go out. They can take their photos and you can enjoy at the same time.

30. Your spouse will make you feel like a celebrity and on top of the world, when you are walking outside in the mall or on the street and they suddenly 'feel' like taking photographs of you due to a nice background or something.

31. Since your spouse would probably take photos of the meals that you cook/prepare at home and if you are a female, it will motivate you to garnish and décor your dishes so they look pretty for the photographs and it will give you practice, so you can serve good looking food at parties and get-togethers.
32. If you are good at baking and/or cooking, you can create masterpieces and ask your spouse to do good Food Photography and then upload photographs of your cooking on Facebook and/or Twitter and make everyone jealous.

33. If your spouse is a really well known photographer, people will be jealous and envious of you. Heck, you will probably be rich.

34. Not been exercising lately and put on the kilograms? Don't worry your spouse can photoshop your photographs to make you look thin.

35. Having a bad day and developed a pimple? Got scars? Got acne? Your partner can clone stamp them out of your photographs.

36. Your spouse will probably have sharp observation, so they will always be on the lookout and can caution you about things or pin point interesting things to you, that you might have overlooked when you are outside.

37. They will know what is your best feature and from which angle your face looks good. If you are feeling down, just go to them for a compliment. They analyse things in such depth, they will give such a deep compliment, which will make you blush to the core. I did that once to a person, they started obsessing over their eyes, just because I told them how much lovely they looked in photographs.

38. If you want to send a post card to the family, relatives and friends on Christmas or any other festive season, your spouse can take the family photograph, print it out and send the postcards as well.

39. Your new born baby will absolutely love being a part of such a family. Your spouse will take a gazillion photos and make god knows how many videos of the baby in high resolution and you will have collected many memories.

40. Want to do a one year birthday photo shoot of the baby? Spouse can do it.

41. If you are in to geeks and nerds, photographers are usually of the hot variety. So you will have eye candy around the house a lot.

42. Want to spy on what the neighbour is up to? Just borrow your spouse's DSLR with the telephoto lens.

43. Your spouse will spend a lot of time with cool people and eventually turn you in to an outgoing cool person too, if you aren't already.

44. If you want a camera, you don't have to pay for it. Your spouse will readily buy one for you and be really excited.

45. Photographers are sensitive to touch, they touch with care and who wouldn't like being touched that way right? Tender loving care.

46. Your spouse will eventually change your perception and make you look at the world in a way you never knew you could.

47. If you hate someone, you can show your spouse their profile pictures album on Facebook and they will start criticising each photograph, because of the bad quality or angle with which the picture has been taken. Personal satisfaction to you. That's a win for sure.

48. If you like adventure, you should definitely marry a photographer, because adventure is the middle name for a true photographer. Your spouse will probably climb a mountain for a scene, go in to deep jungles in a Jeep to capture a photograph or do something else which is equally exciting.

49. You no longer have to Google for images. Especially fireworks or fountains. Your spouse will probably have a lot of them in his/her archive, that also high resolution and if they don't, they can always photograph them for you.

50. Photographers are generally very nice and charming people. Your spouse will have a very nice personality.
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