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Do You Know?


But fed not! Unilever launched a breakthrough technology in scalp care -­ Nutrium10! :)

About CLEAR:

Clear is Unilever's leading Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Brand. Since its first launch in 1972 in Asia, the clear formulation has continuously evolved with intensive research and clinical trials conducted by scientists at the Clear Paris Institute. 

Recognizing the different needs of males and females scalps, Clear scientists have developed the first ever breakthrough dual gender scalp nourishing formula. With an constant focus on leading edge technology, Clear is pegged as the world's leading scalp care shampoo and marks its strong foothold in 35 markets with plans to grow to a 1 billion brand soon! 

 About Nutrium10: 
One of the world's largest networks of dermatologists, The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) has identified Nutrium10 as the scalp care technology that will lead the paradigm shift in scalp care management. 

Unlike other Anti-Dandruff shampoos that are washed away solutions, the new Clear Nutrium10 treats the root cause. It not only infuses the scalp with nutrients 3 layers deep, (at the surface layer), but also help to rebalanced cell proliferation processes to restore the scalp to its healthy condition! 


Clear Men Anti Hair-Fall

Men Anti Hair Fall_350ml

With Pro-strength Ginseng Technology. For weakened hair fiber. Strengthen your hair and defend against hair loss.


SGD $10.30 for 350ml, SGD$15.70 for 700ml

My Review: 

I passed this bottle to one of my male friend to test and he told me that most guys out there would love the smell, as its has a rather masculine kind of scent which most guy would accept. He squeezes the size of a One-Dollar coin and its more than enough for his hair.

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol

Men Cool Sport Menthol_350ml


With active menthol. For all scalp and hair types. Ultimate Anti-dandruff refreshment.


SGD $10.30 for 350ml, SGD$15.70 for 700ml

My Review:

As what the name suggests, cool menthol, so this shampoo indeed gave him a much more cooler scalp after shampooing. He told me that the scent was almost the same as the above bottle, but he loves this one even more, perhaps due to the after effect? :)

Clear Women Ice Cool Menthol

Women Ice Cool Menthol_350ml


With cooling menthol. For all scalp and hair types. Refreshes and revives scalp and hair with an invigorating burst of menthol freshness.


SGD$9.40 for 350ml, SGD$14.30 for 700ml

My Review:

Somehow, I wasn't really that pleased and impressed with their Women's version. Perhaps I'm not used to it yet? I don't know.. But out of all the bottles I've received, this bottle is the only bottle that is minty in color. What I really love in this series is the cooling sensation left on my scalp after shampooing. It makes me felt so much fresher! But the downside is that my hair tangles easier and frequently. :( 

Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall

Women Anti Hair Fall_350ml


With Hair Lock Technology. For weakened scalp and hair. Strengthens from the root to tip and increases hair’s defense against hairfall* and breakage.

*Due to breakage, vs. non-conditioning shampoo


SGD$9.40 for 350ml, SGD$14.30 for 700ml

My Review: 

Okay, I wasn't really impressed with this series. It makes my hair drop even more and tangles even more!! I'm so disappointed why its not as what it claims to be? Okay, 'Nuff said. Perhaps my hair wasn't really suitable, perhaps my hair is weak, hence the result? Whatever, like what I always say, results may varies up to individual~

** You can now purchase them at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets!**

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You get to try:

Female Clear Smooth & Manageable
Female Clear Complete Soft Care 2 in1
Female Clear Dry Scalp & Itch Control
Female Clear Anti Hair-Fall
Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol
Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol
Male Clear Anti Hair-Fall

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