Movie Review: We Not Naughty!

It actually took me quite a while before I can really have the time to blog about this show up. To be frank, this is the first time I ever watch a same movie twice in a roll. I would really like to thank the sponsors for the tickets and as promised, here's the review. :)

The show lasted about 2 hour and a half and its really worth it. Apart from the usual cast from , there are also casts from Taiwan and Hong Kong. You will be expecting to see Daniel Chan 陈晓东, Cherry Hsia 夏如芝 and Eric Moo 巫启贤 in the show too!

Here's the trailer of the show:

To sum it up, We Not Naughty is about two best friends and polytechnic students Weijie (Shawn Lee) and Jianren (Joshua Ang), who get sucked into the world of loan sharks, but it is also about Internet bullying and gambling.

I remember vividly that there's this scene, whereby Wei Jie's younger sister was been bullied by her school-mates and was forced to shaved her hair due to the injuries on her head. And yes, that young actress was really brave enough to have her hair shaved. Really Kudos to her bravery for such a sacrifice for this show!

There's also a few other scenes that I can't forget, such as KC (Daniel Chan) running NAKED around the school 'cause he lose the duet, and of course, the part when KC's Wife (Cherry Hsia) needed to give birth urgently due to some mishap and the boys got to help out with the delivery. 

Always remember to take your words and action seriously, even in Cyber World, 'cause you will never know that your words would actually take someone's life/ reputation away. It doesn't means that 'cause you're in a cyber world, you can say and do everything as you wish, and also, badmouthing/ defaming others as you wish. There's always a price to pay for everything you did. :)

Its a fantastic show not to be missed! No wonder it has been in the top place for Chinese Movie for the past week and the seats are always sold out! LOL! For those who hasn't watched yet, please do so soon, and for those who already did, what are your views?

Take Care everyone! Till then~

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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