[Advertorial Review] Wish Trend - Namzia

Received my 2nd parcel from Wish Trend not long ago, and was literally impressed by their service and products and I just simply can't stop admiring them. Haha! I think it should be considered as my advanced Birthday Present, since it came earlier than I expected. :)

As standard, I love their solid box. With this, I can never have to worry about tampered items. ♥
The items that greeted me the moment I opened up the box. Its heavy though!
A little token from Namzia Market
Now tell me, how many companies now adays would took the trouble to send a postcard out to their clients/ customers? They does, handwritten every single word that send warm to their customers/ clients.
Now, let's see what is exactly inside this heavy bag/ pouch? :)
See, the generous amount of samples that provide me. I simply couldn't resist Korean-made products, its one of the only few that wont causes my face to suffer from any minor breakout after usage. ;)
Some of them were not sold in Singapore, and thank god for the samples, I don't have to travel to other countries to try those samples, and I can always purchase from Wish Trend if I am really interested in a certain product. Fantastic!
Here are some of the samples.There's a lot more actually... >.< Will be doing some reviews soon on these products. :)
And this is the SEX!! I've been searching high and low for this product! Finally!! Stay tune, I will get my critics on this soon! :)
And this! I am going to review this soon! Probably in a week or two. I hope this wont disappoint me! Haha!
And this is the key/ main star of the day. What's so special about this, colorful zips pouch? :)
Okay, needless to say, its from Namzia Market by the way.
What makes it so special that it is actually design by Namzia, a Famous Korean designer, who also works as a Beauty and Fashion Power blogger too! :)
Namzia's pouch is loved by Koreans because of its unique designs, needless to say, its rainbow/ striking color and of cause, its really useful. Scroll further down and you will know why.
The pouch comprised of a series of zippers that display the color of the rainbow! The zippers are made in Korea and is Ultra- Durable with a meticulous finish, so it makes things easier to be found just by opening any of the 20 zips in the pouch! :)
The best part of this pouch is that the company only manufactured limited quantities for every season! Me like!! :)
What I really love about this pouch is that I really makes me easier to find my make up items, especially small items such as lip gloss and balm, which usually ends up at the bottom of my make up pouch and I got to dig all the way down just for that particular item.. But with this, I can easily access now and no more messy pouches! *Happy Girl!**
See! Every zip is function-able, and not just purely for decoration purpose only! And I can store so much items with this pouch! Oh! Did I mention its 25cm X 15cm? ♥♥
There's a few more other designs/ colors available in the market, and I'm pretty sure the price is really worth it. I am considering purchasing one for my bag as a organizer pouch. Hehe! :)
For more information or for any purchase queries, you might like to visit their website:


Once again, thank you Wish Trend for this wonderful gift! And do stay tune for more reviews in the upcoming weeks! Have a great weekend everyone! :)

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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