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Always wanted to buy some really stylish accessories yet don't really love the waiting time? As many of us knows that many online shops actually took up spree/mass purchasing for buyers and usually buyers have to wait for the spree to end, the sellers to coordinate all the sales, sent in their orders and wait for 2 weeks to sometimes nearly three weeks for the items to arrive to Singapore!

The waiting time can really kills one interest, especially me! Yes, though it might be cheaper, but, I just simply can't wait to receive all my purchases, and what I dread most will be those dishonest sellers that scams buyers' money and run away. Don't you all agree so? :)

Am glad that Fashion Street came in and put all our worries away! They carried tons of fashion accessories, that is specially handpick by them and sent it over to Singapore! Which means that they have stocks on hands and no waiting time is needed!

What really attracts me the most is that their price are so affordable, and can be compared with those online sprees! Yes, their price ranges from Sgd$0.90 onwards and what's more, we don't even have to worry about the scamming part 'cos they have authorized platforms to sell their purchases in! ;)

Here are some of the items I've picked from their store: 

Bling Bling earrings with Crystals and gems! Pretty isn't it? ^.~

Leopard Print necklace to go along with any outfits! This sure spur things up! :)

Vintage-looking bracelet with pearl! I've a weak spot of bracelets like this!

How about some pearls, gems accessories for that Korean Look?

The moment I saw this, I knew that I have to get it! Simple designs can help to makes a simple top different feel too! Any Love letter for me? :P

Yes! connector rings! It seems that many of the babes out there have tons of connector rings! Oh! Mustache Ring, I like! ^.~

I've been searching high and low for this kind of leather bracelets. Its so Korean-ish and brings out that little Korean in me. Hehehehe!! :P

Last but not least from the pile I've picked, this vintage-inspired bracelet is beautiful, isn't it? :)
There's still tons more of accessories for you to choose from! Act fast now to get it, they have limited stocks for each of every designs.. :)

PS: Do stay tune to my blog too! (I heard that they will be having some giveaway for my readers too! 

Visit them Now at: Fashion Street! ♥

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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