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Everyone knows how back-breaking it is for a designer to enter this industry. It demands everything from a designer and the side effects are anything but fashionable- Sleepless nights, heavy eye bags, unruly hair and God forbid, the amount of junkfood we eat just to feel better ….. The list is endless , You name it, we had it.
So here is where Marcellie comes in to help you attain your dreams. We started a charity fashion show which allows young aspiring designers to showcase their collection. We have a creative team of fashionably passionate people dedicated in helping you. All you have to do is to give/Make us your best work(s) that intertwines with our theme “ASPIRATIONS”.
Oh yeah, one more thing. We have also invited established designers to our show and they are coming not only to watch the show but to scout out potential interns. Thats right ! They are picking so do what you can to get picked !
1. This is opened to anyone who is below the age of 25
2. You choose either to give us menswear, womenswear or both.
3. Each designer must be able provide a minimum of 2 garments that intertwines with our theme, ASPIRATIONS.
4. All garments must be ready by 10 July 2012.
5. You must be present on 27July for the fashion show.
Requirements of Competition
Participants are required to design an outfit based on the theme of ASPIRATIONS. Designers must bear in mind that they must be able to create the actual design should their entry be shortlisted. They must also recognize that participation in the competition would require their commitment and involvement until the actual runway event (27 Jul 2012) should their designs get shortlisted.
For any questions or clarifications regarding this competition, feel free to contact runway@marcellie.com
Marcellie Runway 2012: Emerge!

Marcellie Runway 2012: Emerge! is a debut Charity Fashion Runway organized by Marcellie in conjunction with SHINE Youth Festival 2012. Emerge! provides a platform for emerging young fashion designers to showcase their creative works and this event is initiated, organised and executed by youth.

There is also a charity element to this show whereby we plan to raise $10,000 for our adopted beneficiary for this event. Other than raising funds, we would also be collecting pre-loved clothes and then distributing them to our beneficiaries. This is our way of spreading the love to the needy. 

Find out more at our website at http://runway.marcellie.com

About Marcellie: 

Marcellie is an aspiring lifestyle group in Singapore that aims to meet the various lifestyle needs of our clients. More importantly, Marcellie operates via the model of social entrepreneurship, making giving back to society one of the primary goals. By this philosophy, Marcellie has also participated in various charity campaigns espousing social causes.
Under the fashion arm of Marcellie, there are three online fashion brands that cater to different groups of clients – TGTS, B&B and Barnabus.
About Their Beneficiaries

Pathlight School

started by the Autism Resource Centre (S), a registered Charity is the first autism-focused school offering Singapore’s mainstream academic curriculum together with life readiness skills. The school caters to student with ASD and related disorder aged between 6 and 18 years of age who are cognitively able to access mainstream academic curriculum but require additional support such as smaller class sizes, special accomodations and teaching staff trained in autism. Pathlight has 706 students enrolled at present.

Blessings in a Bag

A non-profit project that seeks to partner with existing communities, orphanages, schools, homes as well as initiatives to provide for the needs of underprivileged, abused and medically-ill children across Asia. We seek to work alongside individuals and community members who are already involved in the lives of these children as well as encouraging society, especially youths, to know that they can make a difference, one child at a time.

PS: Head over to their website now for more information! 
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