[Advertorial] Megan-Lucas

Introducing to you, a newly established blog shop in Singapore, Megan-Lucas! :)


Though they might have just debuted not long ago, I can see that they are doing great and their customer base are getting bigger and wider! Any reason why? Its simple, they treat their customers as their priority and is humble and speaks well to their customers! I've never seen such a online shop with such a superb customer service, and not to forget, prompt replies too! :)


I will never forget how polite and caring they are when they first engage me to help them with the advertorial. Unlike some of the X brands blog shop owners who is demanding and attitude, Megan Lucas has actually shown me that there are still heart-warming and polite owners too!

They accommodates to my schedule and did not rush me to post too, instead, they showed me their concern while I was out of town for my assignments and making sure I'm alright there!


And never did I expected that they would actually send me their collection too! Imagine having parcels (not just a parcel) lying on my bed waiting for me to unwrap them? And I can feel that they really take their job seriously! I feel it! :)


Here are some of the apparels they sent me, and let me tell you, I'm really surprised with their good workmanship! The clothes are in such a good quality, to the standard of the high end boutique style, (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but at least somewhere near the standard! Hehe) and its the price ain't high end too! *winks*


Here's my pick from the debut collection:



70's chic with this svelte dotty, defined by its figure-flattering construction with its slim fit and flare cut skirting and the flowy hem which adds a dainty factor to this dress. Suitable for the little sweet girl in you! 



This is the sex! I simply can't resist this kind of basic flowy skirt! Its easy to match and almost suitable for any occasion!



A Zara inspired piece that is manufactured by Megan-Lucas! Its so suitable for our weather in Singapore and not to mention, I definitely love the irregular hem!


Another piece that is in my wardrobe now! With vintage lace at the shoulder area, it become special and I love those small details too, you might be able to see it later towards the end of the post. And I just love how it rest on my body, its such a comfy piece! 


And of course! This is the best item out of the lot in my own opinion! The blazer is make from such a good quality and its of excellent workmanship! For the price of Sgd$35, I think its super worth it and a fashion statement too! :)

The actual products are true to the pictures, which this is the crucial point when online shopping! You'll never want a product to end up looking way different from the photos yeah? :)


Here's one of the products that they've sent me earlier on. An MNG inspired piece. The quality is superb and best thing, its comfy, I can wear it the whole day without feeling uneasy! 


And pardon my ignorance, but I seldom see jeggings with functional pockets, not just one side, but all the 4 sides! (Front and back pockets) I can easily slot my phone and cards in instead of ransacking the whole bag!


Here's the other piece of the lot that I've received from them too. This piece is so comfy that I can slip in on while I'm out on a hot day! What really attracts me the most is the lace! I love Lacey things! :)


See! I love the lace details, so nice, and it matches perfectly with the color of the blouse too!


And if you think its just a simple piece, I'm telling you not! I love how they add in small details to make it a unique piece!

I love this! Erm, thinking back, I think I haven't got such shorts yet. :X


Frills top for a girl's day out? I'm anticipating the launch!!! 


I am so gonna grab this piece! Its gonna to hid my hideous fats! (heh heh)


The little black dress is always the safest outfit for every occasion, don't you think so? ;)

Anyway, the above mentioned are just previews! I believe they are bringing in more than this! So hop over to Megan-Lucas later or NOW! 


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Here's their website:

Megan-Lucas Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/meganlucas.loves

PS: Mention my name, "Michelle" upon ordering/ commenting and you will get 10% off !!!! So, remember to share this out! ♥

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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