[Advertorial Review] Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask

We all have heard of masks, in many types, but have you ever heard of Black cotton Mask? *Giggles*


Yes!! its the black mask! I've been secretly wishing that someone would invent a black mask, and now they did!!! And of course, from one of my favorite brand, SexyLook!

Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask


Main Function:


Main Ingredients:


Secretive New Black Mask white sc

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Black Mask Pro main

My Review:  




Its the first time I ever put on something black, especially black cotton sheet on my face! What's more, its mask! A facial mask! A mask that I've secretly wishing to have and my dream came true! ^w^


As what it claims on the packaging, it absorbs dirt, excessive sebum, and refine pores! I'm not sure about the first two with my first usage, but my pores is significantly, Okay, not that exaggerating, my pores is slightly better and smaller than before. 

Upon applying, I felt an instance hydration on my face, and I almost forgot to mention, its by far, the widest/ biggest mask I've ever tried on! It really contours and fits into my big face perfectly. Maybe not perfectly, but, I've never try a mask that is rather wide that can actually used by different face shapes, instead of the usual Japanese small face kinda type. :P

In my personal opinion, I think that with frequent use, it should really have significant results, Its reasonable for its price too, to many, it might be slightly steeper, but I feel that its worth it, a mini facial session. ;)


Retail Selling Price and Where To Get It?

It is currently selling at the price of Sgd$2.00 per piece instead of Sgd$3.50 and you can get it at Secretive.sg online, HERE! What are you waiting for? Get it while stock last! ;)

Thank you secretive.sg for the generous sponsorship and do remember to "like" Secretive.sg Facebook page too for the latest product launch and promotions!

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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