[Editorial] NS45 - Get SAFRA Membership And/Or Vouchers!

I strongly believe all Singaporeans have heard of and been to SAFRA before, right? And for those that have yet to hear before, SAFRA is actually the "go-to" destination for all Social, recreational, sports and educational facilities for NSmen (National Service men) and their families.

It was formed in the year 1972, and its goal was to aid the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to enhance camaraderie and boost morale among the National Service men. And since then, SAFRA have built a series clubs that is located at Jurong, Mount Faber, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun!

SAFRA Jurong:

SAFRA Tampines:

SAFRA Toa Payoh:

SAFRA Yishun:

SAFRA Mount Faber:

Not only that, SAFRA offer a host of activities, value-added services and even membership perks that meets the lifestyles needs of more than 230,000 SAFRA members!

Okay, enough of saying the endless lists of activities and services that they provides. Now, I have something really IMPORTANT to share with you all! Please pay full attention to what I am going to say as it is going to BENEFIT you!

Dr Tony Tan, President of the Republic of Singapore, recently stressed the critical role of NSmen in protecting Singapore‟s sovereignty and way of life, as well as the government's continued efforts to recognize the contributions of NSmen, during the official opening of the new SAFRA Toa Payoh.

"Together with our full-time national servicemen, our NSmen are the backbone of the Singapore Armed Forces to deter potential threats to our home, our way of life and our sovereignty,"  said President Tony Tan. He further elaborated“Without this sacrifice from our NSmen, Singapore would not have enjoyed peace and stability, social progress and continued economic development over the past decades.” 

And to show the appreciation and continuous contribution of the NSmen towards National Defence, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that ALL NSmen will received vouchers to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of National Service (NS45)!

In addition to that, Operationally Ready SAF NSmen who are serving their In-Camp Training (ICT) cycles, or who have completed their ICT cycles in full, as at 22 October 2012, will also receive 1 year FREE SAFRA membership! Eligible SAF NSmen will receive the notification letters and $50 to $100 worth of NS45 SAFRA Vouchers within these few months till April 2013!

The vouchers can be used to redeem a wide variety of products and services at over 170 merchants and 5000 outlets island-wide til 31 March 2014! (This ranges from F&B and entertainment to shopping etc etc)

There's more!

With the opening of the new SAFRA Toa Payoh, NSmen and their families now have convenient access to quality lifestyle facilities at ALL  the SAFRA clubs located island-wide! And that simply means more quality time with families! How great! ^^

I don't know how true it is, but I've personally heard from lots of people that many of their best buddies, closest friends are from the same camp as theirs, meaning that through the 2+ years of living, showering, training and sleeping together, there's this invincible bond among them that lasts them till they grow old!

But many a times, after one finishes their national service, they are normally split and scatters all around the place, some continue working hard for their future, some continue pursuing their studies and the time they spend with their NS mates will eventually become lesser, and more precious yeah? :(

So so so, in my personal opinion, with all the new benefits from SAFRA, I strongly believe that not only it will bring the NSmen and their mates closer, they will also bring their families and friends even closer, just imagine having small gathering sessions with your buddies and families at SAFRA with all the endless leisure and entertainments! How perfect! ^^

Imagine having a small gathering session at Seoul Garden, chit-chatting on the good ol' days of army life, those memories, its just simply hard to forget. How about a game or two at SuperBowl sounds? Or maybe a friendly singing competition among your mates in K-Box?

The choices of benefits and entertainments are almost unlimited, and you can use those vouchers to enjoy some benefits too! Now, how I wish I am able to enjoy those too.. hmmmm.....

SO, Hooray to the NS45!!! ^^

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♥ Michelle N.황현이♥

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