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Getting sick and tired of the usual chocolates sold in the market? Fancy something really unique and hopefully customize the whole chocolate by yourself? And perhaps, not in a good mood to travel down all the way to the shop and buy some chocolates? Or perhaps, thinking of giving your special one a sweet surprise on special occasions? Now, wait no more! I can't wait to introduce you to this online chocolate shop where you can customize your own bar! Sounds interesting? read on!

Today, I am going to introduce to you this one in a billion online shop, COCOA B! Its the first (if I am not wrong) shop that not only lets you purchase your chocolate bars at the comfort of your house, but also letting you customizing your own chocolate bars! Before I head on more, let's find out more about their store, shall we?


Cocoa B | Our Kitchen . Your Creation At Cocoa B, it’s not about us, but you. Because customizing is a personal thing, and what matters to you, matters to us. Mix and match from the selection of chocolate flavors and toppings we have for you, with your countless creativity and bring the chocolates to life. Have it your way, some brands say, and this is exactly what we want you to do. We are Cocoa B, your online chocolate boutique. At Cocoa B, we ensure your chocolates are carefully hand-crafted and delivered to you.


At Cocoa B, we want you to have a say in everything – including the toppings on your chocolate bar. So, we offer our personal kitchen for your creations. All Cocoa B’s chocolate bars are freshly and personally handcrafted as ordered by you, unlike the chocolate bars found on the shelves in the stores outside, which may have been there for weeks! Sounds interesting yeah? Here are some of the examples of their creations!

 Customizing Your Bar: 

You can easily get your creation done in just 3 simple steps: Choose your chocolate, add your desire toppings (Up to maximum of 5) and make your payment! It will soon deliver to you! Its as easy as A-B-C! In case you are not really a big fan of normal size chocolate bar, they have a bite size bar for you to choose too!


Its fuss free and easy to make your order! Here are some of the steps: Step 1: Choose Your Bar:
(Smaller bar size available too)
Step 2: Add Your Toppings (Maximum 5 toppings per bar)
Step 3: Checkout

My Personal Creation And Review:

Its such a lovely and sturdy box to store the chocolates on. Just by looking at the box, I think it will make a good gift idea too!


Behind every box, they had this small little note to tell you what you had created, to avoid confusion! How thoughtful of them! :)


My Creations:

Here are my chocolate bars!


Cajun Bar:


Combination Of:

White Chocolate with Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Cajun.


The unique combination of pumpkin and sunflower seeds gives you all the diversity of antioxidants, vitamins E such as Alpha-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol, delta-tocopherol, alpha-tocomonoenol, gamma-tocomonoenol and so on! This bar is topped off with doses of fiery Cajun powder to compliment the sweet taste of white chocolate.


Have it ever cross your mind of sprinkling Cajun powder over your usual sweet white chocolate? I tried it and its simply, mind-blowing! I can never imagine putting the 2 combos together and I am really surprised by its results!
A combination of both sweet and hot taste, and the seeds to neutralize everything. The sweet smell lingers in my mouth for quite sometime and its just a whole new experience for me! I strongly recommend people to try this!

Exotic Nutty Bar:

(Okay, I create this name myself, thought that it sounds like extremely naughty bar, ㅎㅎㅎ하하하하하)


Combination Of:

Milk Chocolates with Apricots, Almonds, Macadamia nuts and Bacon Bits.


Apricots are not only high in fibers, it has anti-oxidant properties too. The bitter and sweet almonds nuts are healthy nuts as there are endless benefits about them, one of each is high in protein! Macadamia nuts helps to keep cholesterol level at the healthy range and bacon to enhance the taste buds! When all are added together, it will definitely becomes a less sinful snack! :P


With Bacon bits infused into the usual milk chocolate, it further enhanced the taste of the salty sweet combination. Apricot and the almonds nuts not only makes the whole bar more vibrant, it also makes it more crunchy and chewy! 

Love At First Sight: 


Combination Of:

Dark Chocolate with Red Heart Sprinkles, Sprinkles (balls), Marshmallows and I LOVE YOU Plaque.


The perfect gift to melt a girl's heart, (at least for me ㅋㅋ), who can resist receiving this kind of chocolate?! Don't you think that the colors are really vibrant? ^^ I called it Love At First Sight 'cause I fell in love with it the moment I received it. It can be a good way to confess to a girl you like too! :P


I personally fell in love with my own creation here. It took me so long before I really decide to savor it. It just looks so nice that I can't bear to eat it!  Its a wonderful combination of having a black chocolate with sprinkles. black chocolates are known for its bitterly taste and with the colorful sprinkles added, it gives the bar a tint of sweetness. When combine, it is bittersweet.  Marshmallows is really chewy and it slowly melts in the mouth. Perfect! 


Overall, I had a really good experience and had received the best service from the people at COCOA B. The staff are really friendly and efficient. I remember giving them my creation the night before, and by the next morning, I've already received a reply saying that my creations are done and was ready for delivery!


The whole process took less than 3 days to reach me, and was hand delivered to me with love. Really a big thank you to COCOA B's team, you guys really makes my day with not only the chocolates, but also the service too!  감사합니다!

Visit COCOA B today and start your creation now! 

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  ♥ Michelle N.황현이♥

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