[Advertorial Review] [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum

Do you know what is famous as "Red Bottle" in Korea? It hits on the Koreans' waves! Its the [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum!! Heard of it yet? *Winks* 


If you think that it is just a regular bottle of Vitamin C Serum, then you are so wrong! There is always a reason why it is so hot selling! Read on to find out more!


The Best Selling Item in QOO10!


About Product:

The best selling item of 2012 and the fastest effect with Vitamin C. Need to tone up loose skin for keeping youth.


- Includes pure Vitamin-C 20%
- Whitening /Recovering trouble scars
- Removing blackheads

Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES!




How can I not get my hands on this highly raving product! With WishTrend, I can have the latest products on my hands and never missed out my favorite skincare and make up items! ㅋㅋㅋ

Here's the actual product:



It is freshly manufactured! See the date!



Inside the box, you will find a dropper separately from the bottle to remain the freshness and to prevent oxidation of the Vitamin C.



I fell in love with this serum the very first time I used it. It is currently in my favorite skin care list! It works really well for me, especially cause I do have sensitive skin!


Look at the color and the consistency of the serum!


To be honest, I do feel a mild stingy upon first application but it only lasts for a few times before my face got used to it and work wonders. It clears up my skin and even works much better on my breakout and it is usually smaller/shrink/gone after a night. 

It gives my face so much fairer and clearer and less skin troubles were observed for the past 2 weeks!


(After application)

It absorbs really fast on my skin and it smells pleasant too. I used it 2 times a day and results were seen. However, please do bear in mind to use a sunscreen after applying this serum during the day! I bet you do not wish to see adverse effect right? :)

As it is made of pure vitamin C, you are strongly advice to store the serum in the fridge and take out only when you need to use it. Leaving in the open air/normal room temperature will caused it to oxidase faster and effect might not be that great anymore.


As only a drop to two is needed every time, it should last about a month and a half if you use it twice daily. A strongly recommended product from me to people especially with sensitive skin/acne-prone skin. It should work wonders for you too! :)

*PS: My apology for the lack of photos in my review this time. My whole memory card was formatted and there goes all my hard work, and just when I was about to retake again, my eyes decided to disobey me and started having sty. Its so hard for me these few days to pry open my eyes. >.<


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Retail And Pricing:

It is retailing at USD24.99 for a bottle of 30ml and is exclusively available at WishTrend!


More Korean products will be reviewed soon. First and foremost, let me recover first.  :/

♥ Michelle 황현이 ♥

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