Hada Labo Whitening Lotion

Obsessed over fair and radiant skin? Hada Labo’s SHA Arbutin Whitening Lotion boasts natural whitening ingredients and concentrated Arbutin that effectively reduces pigmentation and dark spots! Say goodbye to dull skin!

About Hada Labo SHA Arbutin Whitening Lotion:

Hada Labo Arbutin whitening range gives user 3 benefits in 1 step! With Arbutin and Vitamin C along with Hyaluronic Acid, it allows users to gain fairer, moist and bright skin! 

Remember I ever reviewed the lotion late last year? Ever since that day, I've been using it till now, and looking back, I think I have been using this for more than 6 months! Its so light and non sticky on my face! And I even found out more ways to use this baby! Read my previous review HERE  

If you had seen my previous review, you may have noticed that I D.I.Y a mask with cotton wool for instant hydration, but now, I am going to share with you a even better and if you have time to spare, you can do this mask, super easy and affordable too! Effect is guarantee too! ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

Are you ready?! Here are the things that you'll need:

DIY Hada Labo Whitening Mask


Milk powder (2 tablespoon)  

And of course, Hada Labo whitening Lotion (3 tablespoon) 


Step 1: Mix 2 tbsp milk powder with 3 tbsp Hada Labo Whitening Lotion.
Step 2: Spread paste evenly on face and neck.
Step 3: Soak 2 cotton pads with lotion and place it over the eyes.

Rinse face after 20 mins and you will have a fairer and brighter complexion! 



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