Get Clearer looking skin in 3 days with Tea Tree Series!

Do you know, acne and blemishes is a very common issue in Asian countries. There are tons and tons of anti-blemish products in the market and tons and tons of treatments available in the market too!

Some lucky ones can easily solve their blemishes problem with the help of luxury products and even with dermatologist. But what if, you are still a student with limited cash and/or you are like me, that could not really afford to go for rounds and rounds of treatments for our pitiful face?

Recently, I was given a series of The Body Shop products and was given a 3 days challenge to get a clearer looking skin with their Tea Tree product series!

Sounds like a impossible challenge? How is it even possible to clear skin in just merely 3 days? Okay, lets try!

Here are the series of products that was given to me:



The Selling Point:

The cool new cleansing sensation is the perfect wake-up call for blemished skin. Use daily for a velvety-soft cleanse with a blast of cool freshness
  • Cool, creamy texture
  • Designed for blemished skin
  • Helps remove impurities


I uses it in the morning and was really impressed with the blast of cooling sensation! It serves as a wake up call to both my mind and my skin.

The menthol smell is so refreshing, especially on an early morning, where your mind is still not awaken yet. Unlike normal foamy facial wash, this creamy wash has a really smooth texture cleanses skin really well.

It makes my face feels softer and somehow, it does oil control too and does not makes skin feels uncomfortable/tight.

Retail Selling Price:

It is selling at S$20.90 for a 100ml tube.  



Selling Point

Effortlessly removes accumulated dirt and impurities of the day. Suspended within our vibrant cooling gel, specially selected exfoliants gently uproot impurities whilst caring bursting beads release their skin loving goodness.
  • Unclogs pores
  • Smoother & clearer skin
  • Non-drying


My favorite product out of the 3! This scrub is the best out of the 3 products I received. It serves me really well to remove any remaining makeup residue on my face that was trapped on my face.  

The micro fine beads inside the scrub is not harsh on my face, and its really tiny enough to unclog my pores!

The scrub really makes my face squeaky clean that not only unclogs my pores, but also the dull skin. I realize that the skincare products are so much easier to absorb after using the scrub. 

Retail Selling Price:

  It is selling at S$24.90 for a tube of 100ml.  


Selling Point:

Their best-selling Tea Tree Oil is a natural, targeted solution to help clear blemishes quickly and effectively without over-drying the skin. Renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits, the Tea Tree Oil also helps to soothe blemished skin.  


To be honest, it took me quite a bit of time before I concluded on the ways to use it. I was hesitating if I should use cotton wool to apply on my face or with my palms. I concluded that using cotton wool to dab the oil seems a little bit wasteful to me hence I chose to use my palms instead.

I pour a few tiny drops of the tea tree oil on my palms before I apply it on my face. It makes my face, instantly relieve, especially on those acne! The smell might be a big too strong in the beginning, but it does fades off after minutes.

I heard that it is especially good if you are having fresh acne/blemishes on your face and if you apply it diligently, it will get smaller after a night and disappear after a few days! :)  

Retail Selling Price:

  It is selling at S$18.90 for a bottle of 10ml.  

3 Days Challenge:

So, after using the products diligently for 3 days straight, I really think that my skin is getting better and lesser breakouts, especially when i was having the time of the month, which usually makes my skin go really really bad.  

I realize that my face feels smoother and softer, and brighter too. I personally think that if I were to use it everyday, my face will definitely gets better. *Grins*

Here's a small photo review after one time usage:

So to finalize, I will give this 3 days challenge a success! An affordable yet effective anti-blemish skin care range that I would recommend, especially to the young people whom are still studying and tight on budget! :)

Written by Michelle 황현이

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