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If you have been following Korean trend avidly, you would have notice that CC cream is the new makeup hit taken by storm by the Koreans, and also, to the other parts of the world! Any idea what is so special about the CC cream? Read On!  

What is CC Cream? 


CC cream, also known as Color Control cream, or color correcting cream, is a refined blemished balm or beauty balm created and developed in Korea.BB Cream was originally formulated in Germany and has in recent years gained popularity in Asia, and is also gaining popularity Europe and North America.

CC cream is widely used in Asia to provide natural-looking skin coverage. While BB Cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB Cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream was formulated with technology originating in Japan and further developed in Korea.

CC cream's benefits are reputed to include sun protection as well as better coverage, blending, and treatment of uneven skin tones than BB Cream. Some users find it to have a lighter texture than BB Cream, which allows for smoother application with a less oily finish.

To be honest, CC cream has become my new love ever since it was launched. I've quite a number of them, ranging from L'EGERE to Etude House to VOV and so on. It was one of the best innovation ever! And today, I am going to show you one of my favorite CC cream that I had gotten my hands on recently! Oh! Not to forget, some of my recent makeup products/hauls not to be missed!

VOV Dual Cover CC Cream


  • Whitening ingredients base and bye darkening formula prevent darkening to create gorgeous look.
  • Complexion color powder correct yellow skin.
  • Green base changes to beige that fits your own skin tone as soon as applied.
  • Contain 70% of skin care to be moisturizing to the skin.
  • Cover surface without shine.


What I like about this particular CC cream is that it came in 2 color tones, 21 Light Tone cover up and 23 Natural tone cover up. If you belongs to the very fair skin tones, you might consider taking 21 Light Tone cover up.

Personally I am using 23 Natural Tone cover up as I am somewhere in between both of them, but it should not be much of a difference I guess! After all, it will changes its color to match your own skin tone! So don't be alarmed by the white cream when you pump it out!

Coverage is really good considering the fact that I did not have to apply any other foundation/BB creams after application! It covers up my pores and blemishes and most of the time, I will tap on some concealer on my trouble spots to fully cover it when there is a need. Other than that, it is already good enough to cover most of the imperfection!

Lasting power is quite long too! It lasted for around 8 hours without any issue. I remember I only need to touch up with my compact powder once as I was running for quite a few places. It is not shining/oily and is lightweight and your skin does not feel any barrier. In order for it to last longer, I personally recommend tapping some finishing powder after applying the CC cream! ㅋㅋㅋ 

Oh! Did I mention that removing the makeup is such a breeze? :)

Here's a video of the CC Cream: (Spot the difference) 

Where To Purchase? 

You can purchase this VOV CC Cream at PrettyRouge! You can find the link HERE. It is selling at SGD32.90 for a bottle of 30ml.

Next up, we have It's Skin Prestige Creme D'escargot Snail BB Cream


  • Formulated with snail mucus extract 21 %
  • Hydrates skin
  • Dries quickly and provides full coverage.
  • Can cover major scars or unevenness.
  • SPF25, PA++


We all know the benefits of snail slime. It is especially great for its healing and anti-aging properties. The secretion of snail is remarkable skin improvement system, and EGF helps skin care and makes elastic skin. This BB cream is my very first BB cream that is formulated with the snail slime. I've been trying to find it here in Singapore but I can't seems to locate it. Oh well..

At first, I was rather skeptical about it and thought that it might not smell really pleasant, but I was so wrong! It smells so much like those high-end cosmetic range in the market. Okay, actually this BB cream is considered high end too, it cost approximate around 60,000₩ if I remember correctly.

It is easy to spread it out and it covers pretty well for scars and some unevenness! It does not leaves any sticky feeling/residue and the face does not feel like it has anything on! Last but not least, it blends on to my skin tone well.

Where To Purchase? 

You can purchase this It's Skin Prestige Creme D'escargot Snail BB Cream at PrettyRouge! You can find the product link HERE! It is selling at the price of SGD39.90 for a 50ml tube. 


And lastly, I want to share one of my favorite mask! Its none other than Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask!


  • Strawberry extract and bentonite offer pore tightening effect and reduce production of sebum.
  • Highly recommended to trouble and oily skin.
  • Pore tightening + sebum control + skin trouble relief. 


I am one of the unlucky ones with troubled skin and many a times, what works for you might not works for me, eventually. But I am glad that this really helps me. I am really really really into the smell! It taste so sweet! It smells as though I am really applying real, freshly blended strawberry on my face.

Not to mention, I love its packaging! Its so pretty that I couldn't resist myself, and of cause to remind myself to use this mask diligently! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You know many a times, we tend to consider about the hygiene issue when it comes to cosmetic/makeup that is packed in tub. Just imagine we keep digging our fingers in to scoop some cream out, and ended up it is not only messy, but also bacteria to stuck in the tub too. 

But I love how thoughtful of Baviphat to come up and include this tiny little cute spoon along with the mask. Can you see how cute it is? ;)  


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