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Time to care your tresses with Essential Damage Care series!

Personally, I have been using Essential Damage care series of products for quite a period of time, and is something I would really really love to share with people. 

Essential's new cuticle care formula repairs, moisturizes and protects hair cuticles 4 times more. Hair stays shiny, smooth, and manageable even to the last 15cm that is most easily damaged.

Ask yourself this:


In this Essential Damage Care series, there are 2 types of products to suit different needs.

Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Series:

Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy series:

With that, lets start with the Essential Intensive Hair Masks

Product Features: 

New and improved formula with Advance Cuticle Care Technology that provides concentrated repair care for damaged hair, especially the last 15cm which is particularly damage-prone
  •  Contains High Purity Honey for moisture and manageability
  •  Contains Shea Butter to repair dryness, breakage and split ends
  •  Newly-added Heat Damage Care ingredient

Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask

Recommended for damaged and unmanageable hair. Gives damaged and unmanageable hair a silky straight finish.

My Review: 

As what the product mentioned, it gives damaged hair and unmanageable hair a silky straight finish. I usually use it on days after I heavily styled my hair and it become so tangled! It never fail to impress me with the after effect after every treatment mask done. 

It becomes so much easier to comb through, without much effort. I would recommend it to people that loves to have their hair done with chemical treatments and styling, and hair becomes so tangled and unmanageable.

Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask

Recommended for damaged and limp hair. Gives damaged and limp hair an airy soft and bouncy finish.

Texture of the Mask:

My Review: 

As per what the product says, it gives damaged and limp hair an airy soft and bouncy finish. I usually use it on normal days, 'cause my hair is really long, literally long till it reaches the end of my waist, and my hair becomes so weak and limp!

I love how it makes my hair so smooth and soft after using it for a few times. The smell is lovely too! I would recommend this to people with long hair and wishes to make it lively back! :)

Special Hair Mask tip for BEST result: 

1) Never apply the hair mask onto the scalp. It makes the scalp and hair oily 2) For best results, towel-dry hair after shampooing before applying hair mask 3) Apply hair mask for 3 consecutive days before and after chemical treatments to lessen the damage to hair.


After shampoo, squeeze out excess water and apply an appropriate amount evenly onto hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use 1-2 times weekly.

Retail Selling Price: 

S$9.90 for a tub of 200g.

Next, after applying the hair mask, lets move on to the leave-on treatment.

Product Features:

Intensive Leave-on Treatment enriched with high purity honey oil & cuticle repair essence to provide continuous care for damaged hair. Instantly smoothens peeling cuticles while repairing damaged hair surface.

Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Anti Frizz Serum

Hair stays smooth and bouncy all day with no oily after-feel.

Texture of the serum:


I have a weak point against pink stuff, so when I got my hands on this cute little bottle, I knew that I will love it to the very last drop!

The mild sweet floral smell is so pleasant to smell and it gives the hair a tint smell of fragrance. Upon applying, it does not makes the hair nor hands feeling oily and greasy, instead, it gives the hair shine and minimal frizzing.

Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion

Hair stays soft and manageable all day with no oily after-feel.

Texture of the lotion:


This cute little orange bottle is so striking! The smell of the lotion is close to citrus/orange/sunflower? I can't really distinguish the actual smell but the smell is definitely acceptable to most people. 

It does not makes the hair greasy/oily, but yet it makes the hair slightly more moisturizing and silky too.


Essential Damage care series is available at all leading supermarkets, hyper-marts and pharmacies.

Photo Review of the product series:



(close up)

*PS: Want to get the best results for your hair? 

To achieve the best results, apply the Hair Mask after shampooing for intensive repair and care, finish off with the Leave on treatment on towel-dried hair! 

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