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Prison Inside Me

Feeling stress? How about checking in to this "Prison inside me"?

'Prison Inside Me’ is a stress-reduction center with a penal theme, located on the outskirts of Hongcheon, about 58 miles northeast of Seoul.

Paying guests are expected to turn in their cell phones, books and other belongings and put on a regulation uniform before checking in. Then they are shown to one of the 28 60-square-foot solitary confinement cells, furnished with only a toilet, a sink and a small table.

Meals are served through a slot in the door. This is where they will spend most of their time, meditating and silently reflecting on life. There are also private meditation classes, spiritual classes, and ‘healing’ plays conducted as group sessions in the auditorium. A two-night stay at Prison Inside Me costs 150,000 won ($146).

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Adorable Dog Memes you can find in the internet!

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For the Tattoo lovers: ‘Tatoueurs, Tatoués’ Exhibition!

Curated by journalists Anne & Julien of the quarterly French contemporary art magazine Hey!, the exhibition was 18 months in the making and brings together over 300 photographs, tools, statues, skulls and pieces of human skin covered in tattoos.

Find out more about the Exhibition HERE!

10 Totally #Instagram-worthy Photo Spots in Singapore

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Aviation-Themed Film Studio Opens Fear of Flying School for Dogs!

For the first time ever, Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed film studio in Los Angeles, is offering a unique service for dogs – classes to help man’s best friend overcome fear of flying.

Watch the video HERE!

Korean Photography Enthusiasts build Awesome Camera-Shaped Cafe

‘Dreaming Camera’ is a quaint little coffee shop located in the breathtaking countryside of Yangpyeong County of South Korea.

The spectacular café was built by a photography enthusiast, which is quite obvious, seeing as how the building is shaped like a gigantic vintage camera.

I am so going to visit this when I go back! Read more HERE!

Nic the Yoga Dog!

Ever seen a dog that knows how to do Yoga? Watch the video HERE!

10 Things You Shouldn't Order According to Fast Food Employees

These are the innermost secret the employees of the Fast Food Restaurants wouldn't tell you about!

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A Travel Film Made from 852 Instagram Shots

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10 Breeds Favored by Dog Thieves

^^ Boston Terrier ^^

^^ Labradoodle ^^

^^ Yorkshire Terrier ^^

And the remaining 7 breeds HERE!

What are your favorite articles in the lot?  Mine is definitely the camera cafe! :)  

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