06/08/2009 :


May all your dreams come true!!!

Went over to find darling paul at jurong area for my hair last sunday.

( He's my Stylist )

Aftermath, headed over to Jurong Point with Mr Gerard for late dinner.

( imagine having your dinner at 9 plus ?! lol..)

Tried " Lai Lai Casual Dining."

It appears me cause of the signboard of course ,

why ? cause got a cute cow as their signature!!

Cute right? So we decided to dine over there..

Ordered a 2 pax Value Meal :

the soup is really very nice lo. ((=
( but daddy's home brew one nicer =x )

Main course : Oyster sauce Cai Lan

*** its so fcuking unnice!! why?
I think they spray too much pesticide to the vegetable.
What i tasted is so terrible.!!!
Regretted ordered this!!

Next up :

Pepper Salt Chicken :

*** Its one of my Favourite! Maybe due to it is fried?

BUT , its a bit salty. ))=
They put it like salt is free?
Get it? hahas...

Next up :
The dunno what beef , i forgotten the name. =x

*** Its okay for me . hahas . Can go try out. ^^

The Drinks :
Ice green tea and Ice Milk Tea.

** I personally preferred the milk tea, the green tea is a little bit dilluted.

Dessert Of the day :

Red Bean Beadcurd!!!

*** I love the beadcurd very much..
Its so nice, Just add on another $ 1. 80 to your meal and you can enjoy this!

Personally, i feel, the service there is a bit . ...
Erm Erm.. ( bad )
cause they took so long to take our order, serve our order and even collect payment.
Wa lau.. can sleep there le lo...

Their service is not up to my standard.
well, you can say me 为难 them,

how can they don't even understand simple ENGLISH!!!
Their english are sosososo... Broken!
I don't mean to be bias or what,
but its the fact~ =x
Heard from their voice,
i think they are from china?
You know their slang ~~

Well, forgive and forget.
okay okay..

Spent a total of : $ 34 ??!!

Well, try it some day yourself guys =p

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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