Holiday trip pt 1

Holiday Trip :

Went for an short vacation [ 1 week ] .. Didn't really enjoy myself 'cos time wasn't really that enough and been busy then... LoL...

Cant really remember all the details, but 1 thing for sure, i had been falling sick / puking since i come back from then...

I am really feeling very guilty towards this cat.. i feel that i am 越帮越忙... [ ]

Well, if you guess had been following my twitter update, you all will know what happen.. [sigh]

well, we found this small cute kitten while on our way to dinner..

As ahead of it was a drain, which many kittens fall to their death when they accidentally drop into..

We save it and place the kitten inside our house compound... [ so that this way will be safer]

But, alot of ppl were unhappy about the kitten stay.. so the kitten were ask to leave.. [ sigh]

So , out of no choice, we brought it out and decided to [place] the kitten near maybe some other cats? Thinking that the other cat will be able to take care of it.. [ PS : We tried looking for it's mum but no avail. ]

So we brought some food and dump the kitten there, from afar, we watched it go so that we can know its safe before we drove off....

Its really so heartbreaking to let the kitten go.. though its just like i know the kitten for a while, but the feeling is strongly bonded..

Drove back and we found It's mother looking for the kitten! [ I assume ]
For that instance, i keep asking ppl to drive me back to that place where i dump the kitten to retrieve him back, so that he can reunited with it's mum...

But nobody wanted to do so, they are heartless.. [ I'm sorry kitten ]
We tried to find the kitten at the same place the next morning,
But, [ you know the ending :( ] Rather sad though...

Lesson learnt : if wasn't me that so KPO to take the kitten to the house, they wouldn't have separated... If it wasn't me to bring the kitten out at that time, they might reunited.. its my fault .. >.<

The following day, went all around the place to look for a nail parlour [ Its hard to find .. i dunno why ] to do my manicure for the wedding dinner at night.. \

Managed to find one... BUT!!!!


Sorry, but i got to say, their service cannot make it! The trainee [ I supposed, judging from her skills ] really making me want kill her!

She removed my nail polish i previously had on, but 'cos mine was a dark colour, it sorta stain to my nail cuticles. What pissed me off was, the fellow didn't even bother to at least tell me / solve the problem of that stained cuticles, instead, trying to add blurr and continue with it.

* The first colour i choose were those nude colours, imagine how obvious to have a stain nail bed with some nude colours?! LoL..

Then the "master" came. When i was about to complain about the good service, the master / boss asked me to choose another colour etc. Matter was resolved then.. But still unhappy...

Was sorta happy with the end result, but aftermath, when i was in the car going back home, i saw my nails and wanna F them! Why, 'cox they didn't bother to paint my nails properly.. Na bei..

AfterMath, change , and off to wedding dinner...
[ to be continued ] [stay tune :) ]

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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