Had not been updating...

Yeah, i apologize for not updating my blog recently..

Was busy with work stuffs and meeting up of my darling girl - Ms Carol!!!

Work load keep piling up~

Stress level increases too... :(

Finding somebody now, given out mass notice, and hope to find that person soon!

This fellow simply - hum ji... if that fellow think he can run away after giving me loads of mess to settle, i got to say, sorry, i wont let him off easily!

I will make sure i track him down and make him pay for the damages that he causes me!

I know i sounds too fierce here, but, this person really gets on my nerves!!!

To that person : No matter where you hide, i will still be able to find you, its your mess, not mine, and you just simply dump it to me? No way i'm letting this matter off easily!

Anyway, will be updating soon with advertorials, so stay tune alright =)

* XiiaoMxx sweety : I'm really surprise and touched by the words you say on the phone the other day. I just want to tell you, i'll always be your listening ear if you need me~ Promise me that you can take care of yourself =) We shall meet up soon! I cant wait to go out with you~~~ WHOO~ IMY sweety! <3333

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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