Beware of this scammer!

Just to let you guys know to beware of those scammers[also known as those people whom cheat others' money or things], as more and more are surfacing now a days!

I just met 1, who think i will fall for his trap,

But too bad dude, I, or rather, we Singaporean are not so naive!

I will be posting up the whole conversation up,
Not for anything, but to let everyone to know their method used!

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 7:28 PM, Eddie Williams wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I am interested in purchasing your item that was posted for sale on Ebay,
>> please tell me the last price, reply me to for
>> payment. Thanks
>> YH IM:
>> msn:
>> skype: dmixer11

On 1/18/10, I wrote:

> Hi,
> last price is SGD1200 only, with laptop bag. only 1pc available. are you
> staying in Singapore?

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 8:31 PM, Eddie Williams wrote:


I'm glad to read from you, what is last price and condition of this
item, am buying it for my son studing forestery in Nigeria as a
birthday gift,i will like to have a copy of the picture, i am ready
for the payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal service only,so i want you
to help me calculate the shipment cost via TNT or DHL Courier
company, and i promise to make your payment as soon as possible.
Sykpe: dmixer11
Thank You

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 4:16 PM, I wrote:

Hi Eddie,

I have already helped you to calculate the shipping fee to Nigeria, the shipping fee to Nigeria will cost around SGD $460 [ based on a 3kg weight ]. So, are you still interested in this? =) Hope to hear a reply from u soon.

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 11:27 PM, Eddie Williams wrote:


Thanks for the mail, i am really glad to hear from you, and thank you for calculating the shipment cost for me,am Ok with the price, i really appreciate it, well as i told you earlier that this item is needed very urgently as a birthday gift for my son schooling in Nigeria, and i am ready for your payment with via Bank to Bank Transfer, and i have already contact my bank manager who will help me get the money transfered to your account, so please get the details below for your payment,

and i promise to make the payment as soon as possible,and i hope you are a honest person, please let me hear from you as soon as possible,
Thank You

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 5:32 PM,I wrote:

Hi Eddie,

Attached will be the photos of the laptop as you requested.
As for the shipping fee, I will be collecting a 4 kg weight [ S$578.14 (Inclusive of S$79.74 fuel surcharge) ] from you first, and will refund you the remaining balance if it falls below 4kg. I will take a snap of the receipt as a proof of the shipping fee. So the total amount will be as below:
SGD $1200 [laptop] + SGD$578.14 = SGD $1778.14.

Item will be posted out once payment received and verified.

Is it okay with you? I'll be filling up the details below.

Name: xxx
Bank Name: xxxx
Bank Address: xxxxxxx
Iban Number/Acct No#: xxxxxx
Swift Number: xxx [ *NOTE : US dollar not accepted ]
Total Cost(including shipment) : SGD$1778.14
Phone No#: xxxxxxx
Email: XxX

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:45 AM, Eddie Williams wrote:

Thanks for the details, as i promise i have already forward your bank details to my bank manager for the payment, i hope the laptop is ready for shipment now, i am ok with the total cost of the laptop, please take note i want the item shipped as soon as possible so as to reach it destination ontime, my bank told me that the transfer will be made to day because i paid for an express payment, so you will receive a mail from my bank once the transfer has been made and confirmed, i hope you understand me?, so please get ready for shipment because the item must be shipped latest tomorrow, please i hope i can trust you, let me hear from you soon,
Thank you

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 5:48 PM,I wrote:

Hi Eddie,
Sure, the item is ready for shipping, ya, i will send it out as soon as i receive the payment. Will update you again ! Cheers!

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 2:43 AM, Eddie Williams wrote:

How are you doing? i just got a call from my bank, telling me that the payment have been made,and i hope you have gotten a mail from my treasure state bank, i want you to understand that this item is needed very urgently, and i will like you to go and have the item shipped out as soon as possible, let me know the shippment tracking number as soon as possible, let me hear from you,

[ That is when the trick started, i will be posting the "fake email that the bank sent me " ]

Well, it seems so real right? But on the other hand, to think about it, i mean, why do i need to send out the item first so that i can receive my money?

So yeah, i Repeatedly told him that i will only be shipping out the item only when i RECEIVED the money in full...

So lets see what he send me via email....

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 8:43 PM, I wrote:

Hi Eddie,
I just checked my bank account, and the payment was not yet credited to my account. I will only be shipping out the item after i receive the full amount.Thank you.

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Eddie Williams wrote:

Thanks for the mail, please i want you to understand that i have made your payment,and this item is needed very urgently for my son as a birthday gift, and i hope you do receive the mail from my bank, i made an express transfer to your bank account and to be able to receive your money you will have to follow the procedure from my bank by shipping out the laptop and send the shipment airway bill number to the bank for verification and it will stand as a prove of transfer to claim your money, i hope you understand me? so please i will like you to go ahead and make the shipment ontime so as to get to it destination on time, please let me hear from you,
Thank you

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 2:45 PM, I wrote:

Hi Eddie,

Sorry for the late reply. I have stated in ebay and in all my previous mail replies very clearly that I will only be shipping out the item once I receive the payment in full, I will not do any shipment if I did not see any money credited to my account. Please understand this. Sorry to say that I cannot help you on this.

So, this "sincere" customer, just vanished from the air,so when you guys think its over, let me tell you, its not yet over~

So this time round, after a few days,( which is 23/01/10 ), this person contacted me via CHAT.

11:38 PM Eddie: hello

11:47 PM me: yes

11:51 PM yes?

12:13 AM Eddie: what's up

i didn't here from you

12:16 AM me: i will send you the item only when i see the money from you in my account in full...thats all i would like to say...

12:17 AM Eddie: do you read the mail from my bank

please trust me

i made the payment

12:18 AM you are to take some steps to get the money

12:20 AM ???

12:21 AM u there

me: its already clearly stated in ebay and the mail i replied to you that i will send out the item only when i receive the money in full...i will not send out anything until i see the money in my account...

12:22 AM sorry to say that i cant follow your bank procedure which i must send out the thing 1st...

12:24 AM Eddie: dont you trust my bank

* Who will be so noob [ naive to follow that procedure ], so i proceed and send him this :

12:25 AM me: you can make payment via paypal

Eddie: ok

but it will be in 2hrs time

12:26 AM see this procedure is everywhere

both paypal

but i can still make the payment with paypal

12:27 AM u there?

Full Name:

PayPal E-mail:

Total Cost:

Item Details:

send it to my email

12:28 AM

12:35 AM me: Sent... check your mail..

12:47 AM me: ok, i have just sent the money request service[an request by PayPal to him for payment] to the email : . Thank You.

2:17 AM Eddie: ok

2:26 AM me: so have you send in the money?

Eddie: nope

me: ok,

2:27 AM so do notify me once you transfer

Eddie: trying to?

me: =)

Eddie: ok

paypal will send mail to you too

2:30 AM when will you ship it


2:31 AM me: once the payment is make and payment is Verified, then only i will send it.


Eddie: kk

2:32 AM but i am making an auction payment

me: sorry?

Eddie: with paypal

me: but there's no auction on hand

2:34 AM i will not be accepting any auction payment .

Eddie: payment made now

me: If you still insist on auction payment, i got to say no to this deal

2:36 AM Eddie: i have confirm the payment now

me: no matter what method you use, no money no shipment, even if the money is on hold, hope you understand this=)

* Why this fellow need 2 hrs to transfer the amount to my paypal? And he's using Auction Payment to pay for the goods, when i am not even listing the item out! [Crazy fellow]..

So i checked my mail, and this is what he send me...

*Seriously, this is the first time i encountered "PAYPAL" sending me this kind of email.LOL..Would you believe? Haha, i checked my PayPal and i have NONE of the transaction as mentioned above! WTF?

So this fellow proceeded on with the chat :

2:37 AM Eddie: fuck you

me: i'm sorry?

1:59 AM me: fraud! Fuck you!

2:01 AM Eddie: fraud! Fuck you! ur MOM

me: your details and mail had been send to the police for investigation, paypal take this seriously...

Eddie: Ahhhh

2:02 AM can you get ''AIR''?

i am an AIR

me: good luck you..

Eddie: so no body can get me


me: *good luck to you..

Eddie: hahahaha

me: go ahead and scold vulgar..

Eddie: i will freze your bank account

the details is with me

me: go ahead and play with me..


Eddie: ??

can we try it

2:03 AM see

go and check your account on tuesday

you will see that i am gonna block it

2:04 AM and transfer all the money on ti


2:05 AM me: how u goin 2 freeze my account when you are the one sent out the fraud mail, all your mail already forward to the authority, lets see who is the one got it

if you want to play with me,
come on,

Eddie: ok

me: i'll be waiting!

Eddie: we are on it now

me: Moron~

Eddie: dude

me: come ...

Eddie: kkk


2:06 AM me: do you think i'll scared?

Eddie: bye

let see

me: childish guy~

grow up man!

come n play~

I'll be willing to wait for you.

keyboard warriors!


2:07 AM =)

2:08 AM you cant win me dude~

go ahead and play with me, i'll be waiting~

2:09 AM faster~

Eddie: let's see then

me: =)

2:10 AM finally you admitted that you are a fraud~

2:11 AM all the best to you dude!

*Haha,what a naive guy he is! He thought that he can freeze my account?! Excuse me, how is he going to freeze my account when i didn't even do anything? Crazy fellow, some more got to wait till tuesday.. LOL... He just act to scared me, LOL, but i'm sorry to tell him, i aren't scared at all, because i ain't naive. Haha...

Oh ya, let me show you 1 more evidence of his fraud :

[Click on the picture to enlarge it if you cant view properly.]

*Haha, Update : Wednesday had past,but i still can use my bank account~ LOL.. omg, i'm so scared~ =P

** I'll be posting more of his fraud [WHAT? Again?? Yes, again ! 2 more times.. haha] in my next post~ Stay tune~


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