Cont' of fraud details

As in my last entry,

i told you all that this fellow by the name of Eddie Williams trying to scam people,

i received 2 more emails, stating as interested parties of my product, then tried to scam me.

Its the same story, i show you guys then :

Below will be the conversation of Joy Teter [ ]
and me:

Good day!

I saw your item pasted for sale on Ebay web site and I'm interested in buying it..I will need from you the present condition of the item and do you still have the item available for sale.Hope to read from you soon.

Warm regards,

Mrs Teter

[ Sounded like he/she is really interested in the product ]

Hi Mrs Teter,

It is a new piece with all the seal there, only 1 unit is available. It is a promotion gift from local mobile operator (Singtel) but I do not need it at the moment and I decide to sell it away. Are you from Singapore?

[ Because actually, i have already stated clearly in E-bay that i only will do transaction from Singapore ]

Hi [me],

Thanks for your reply,i live in West Virgina(United State) i will like to inform you that I'm interested in buying your item for a Friend who went on religious mission abroad as a Gift.I will be paying for this item through Online Bank to bank transfer,i will like to know the amount you are willing to sell this item and will be adding an extra $200.00usd for shipment to send this item to its destination (Nigeria) through UPS or Ems Speed Post.I will be looking forward to read from you as soon as possible with the cost you are willing to sell this item including the shipping cost to its destination.

N.B:I would like you to send me more pictures of its present condition of the item.

Best Regards,

Mrs Teter

[ Nigeria again? So many people studying/working over there? So coincidence that he/she saw my E-bay post??? ]

Hi Mrs Teter,

Sorry, we don't do any shipping/ transaction to overseas. Thank you for your interest on our products.

Okay, so this fellow, seems unable to cheat me,[again], he/she came up with another "POTENTIAL" customer..

This time round, by Nelson coker [ ]

Hello seller

how are u doing today how much are u will to sell this items for me
and i will like to know the condition of this item hope to hear from


[ Another suspect ]


Thank you for your interest. May i know if you are residing in Singapore?

Hello seller

thanks for the mail am from New York i will like you to know that am
ready to pay You

i will like you to know that am sending this item
as a birthday gift to my son in Nigeria so i will like you to tell me
the Shipmentcost via Dhl i will be paying you via BankWire Transfer i
know that will be secure and save,Trusting to hear from you immediately.
Thanks & My Best Regards,
Dr. Nelson coker

[Wow,so many Nigeria people wanting to buy my item? Either for their son in school or for some birthday present? Hmmm...]

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in my item, but i got to inform you that i will only do transaction from singapore only.

Hello seller

i will like you to sell this item for me because i really love this
item i will like you to know that i will be paying for the shipment
fees so i will like you to get back to me the shipment cost via Dhl
hope to hear from you soon..

Well, can you guys believe? In a week, there is 3 sincere buyers wanting to buy my item,though i stated i only do/sell in Singapore only.. LOL.. some more all to the destination in Nigeria? hmm... too much of a coincidental i could say...

Well, people and readers, just becareful when you are selling things alright?

Do not be too engrossed in earning cash and ended up with money loss!

PS :


May i have your attention please~

Please take Note of the following address and email address if you are selling any items!

Email Address :

Nelson coker [ ]

Joy Teter [ ]

Eddie Williams [ ] [ As told by one of the readers ]
Delivery Address :

Benneth Williams

No 4,Idi-Oro,Ekotedo

Ibadan, Oyo State.

Nigeria. 23402



A friendly reminder to all people out there,

As more and more fraud cases are surfacing,

I strongly encourage people to beware and take safety measures against it..

Should you encounter any fraud cases, please do not hesitate to report to Authorities

Do your part as a citizen and lets just stop fraud/scam cases!

How to prevent fraud case?

Payment by bank :

If you are receiving emails from banks,claiming that you had received your payment,

check on your own account balance to see if there is any transaction being done.

Be extra cautious when receiving those confirmation emails,asking you to send out items before getting payment as most of them are scams.

Call on the respective banks during working hours to verify the transaction.

For safer purposes, double check the phone numbers you are calling [ as some uses fake lines to cheat you.]

*Try Google search for the respective banks as majority of the banks are being listed in the field.

If everything seems suspicious, make a trip down to the Authorities[ whom it may concern, preferably Police station] to file for a report.

Payment Via PayPal :

If you are receiving payment via PayPal, or should you receive any emails claiming to be from PayPal,

You may forward your received emails to PayPal Spoof email at :

You will received a email from PayPal to verify to you if the suspected email is fraud.

If everything seems suspicious, make a trip down to the Authorities[ whom it may concern, preferably Police station] to file for a report.

And, also to share with you a safety precaution against Phone scams.

Extracted from Singapore Police Force's website :




1. Police have recently detected a new variation of phone scams in which
culprits make extortion calls to business offices demanding money. Like the
earlier versions of phone scams, they are designed to trick victims into parting
with their money. The calls are believed to be made from overseas.

Modus Operandi

2. Typically, the culprit would call business offices threatening to use
violence to disrupt the victim’s business activities or cause harm to family
members if payments were not made. The culprit is also known to converse in
Mandarin with a China / Taiwanese accent and may use one of the following
threats on the victim:

i. He may demand for a sum of money, claiming that it is needed to assist
the victim’s associate/relative who has allegedly murdered someone to flee the

ii. He may tell the victim that his family and company are being watched and
threaten to harm them if his demands are not met;

iii. He may threaten to kidnap female victims and take nude photos of them if
they fail to comply with his demands;

iv. He may claim that he has links with secret societies and needs money to
help his men flee Singapore after committing serious crimes;

v. He may claim to be in possession of firearms / explosives and threaten to
harm the victim or disrupt business operations.

Crime Prevention Advisory

3. While the culprits have been unsuccessful so far and none of the threats
made have been carried out, members of the public are advised to be aware of
and vigilant against such scams. Members of the public should never reveal any
of their personal details, including those of their business or family to the caller.
Members of the public should also not transfer money to unknown persons and
report the case to the police as soon as possible.

4. Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant against the other
variations of phone scams as well such as the kidnap, lottery and impersonation

More details of such scams and the relevant crime prevention advisories
can be found at the Singapore Police Force website at or the
Commercial Affairs Department website at

I hope that i can get your attention and awareness to the members of the public.

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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